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Morgan Stanley
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I'm interested in computers since I was 7. I decided to be a computer programmer when I was 12 years old. Currently I attend Budapest University of Technology and I have the best chances to graduate on time.

After a few years of web application development (PHP, JavaScript) in secondary school, I moved to strongly-typed compiled languages. My current favourite is C++ because it provides control while makes writing of expressive programs possible. I remain a big fan of the web and web technologies, sometimes I use JavaScript and I'm not frightened to mix it with C++. (using node.js and V8)

I'm experienced in parallel programming (I especially like the 'massive aspect') and I like to play around with CUDA, however, I'm not even an advanced user.

I'm an enthusiast of fully automated and tested systems, I love the way they operate and do their job while I'm not even watching them. I hate repetitive tasks -- this hatred mainly results in several small scripts and tools in every project. It's a fantastic feeling to see a carefully designed and well implemented toolchain operating. The only better thing is to use them.

I'm a fast learner and a good team player. I also have experience in leading small teams (professional and non-professional as well).


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Library Developer
Morgan Stanley

October 2013 – Current

My task is to develop from scratch a high-throughput low latency logging library to support real time trading systems and data mining.

Application maintainer
Morgan stanley

January 2013 – June 2013

My task was to replace some heavily used classes in an application stack of several thousands C++ SLOC.

Tool developer
Morgan Stanley

June 2012 – September 2012

My task was to create an application independent C++ tool to inspect other applications using dynamic code analysis to predict possible deadlock situations in the future.

The tool was delivered on time with great appreciation.

Application developer

July 2013 – August 2013

My task was to develop a lightweight intrusion detection and DoS protection system. The application had to be cross-platform (Linux and Windows) and manageable in an OSGi environment.

The core was written in C++11, and the Boost Asio was used as the networking library. The management interface consists of a lightweight OSGi bundle written in Java which controls the core via JNI.

The established tunneling mechanism supports both TCP and UDP, and the admission control system can use a black or whitelist combined with host load monitoring.

Software developer
Beat the GMAT LLC.

2011 – 2011

My task was to design and implement a backend server which receives user activity information (e.g: like, bookmark, comment, etc) via Amazon SQS, processes and redistributes it.

The server program was written in PHP using Symfony2.

I was also responsible to implement some reference client side modules in php to demo the basics of the client-server communication.

I have written a medium sized javascript jquery plugin as well to ease the integration of the client frontends to connect.

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M. S. Applied Informatics [in progress]
Budapest University of Technology and Economics


The core values of the course are primarily supported by work done for an industrial partner. It's "Applied" for a reason.

B.S. Computer Engineering
Budapest University of Technology and Economics

2010 – 2013

Course completed on time, semester GPAs are the following (on a 1-5 scale, 5 is the best):

  • 2010 fall: 5.13
  • 2011 spring: 5.33
  • 2011 fall: 4.4
  • 2012 spring: 6.53
  • 2012 fall: 4.4
  • 2013 spring: 5.26
  • 2013 fall: 5.23

During the course, I also developed ComPPI in a network related research group of the Semmelweis University lead by Peter Csermely.

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GitHub, Dec 2015 - Current

The library provides double ended containers, similar to the ones in the C++ Standard Library, but with additional features geared towards high performance and unsafe constructs, giving more control to the user. Learn more:

I'm the primary author of this project

GitHub, Mar 2014 - Jan 2015; followed by 12 people

Google SoC project: C++ Pipeline implementation: source | transformation | dest.

GitHub, Oct 2011 - Sep 2014; followed by 2 people; forked 3 times

Compartmentalized Protein-Protein Interaction database (official repo: see the docs)

GitHub, Oct 2013 - Dec 2013

C++ port of the ComPPI BuildBundle

GitHub, Jun 2011 - Feb 2012; followed by 2 people

Small hobby project, simulates uno card game - currently C++, javascript/V8

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ComPPI: a cellular compartment-specific database for protein-protein interaction network analysis

Abstract: Here we present ComPPI, a cellular compartment-specific database of proteins and their interactions enabling an extensive, compartmentalized protein-protein interaction network analysis…

BSc Thesis: Dynamic Codeanalysis Based Deadlock Prediction

The widespread of multicore processor architectures facilitates and speeds up the development of concurrent software architectures and algorithms. Being a rather tough challenge the design of such…

PHP osztályok egységtesztelése · Weblabor

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PHP osztályok egységtesztelése II · Weblabor

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