Freddy Rios

Software Developer
Roozz (Denmark)
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I have designed, developed, tested (automated), lead, deployed, secured and worked with teams distributed across the world; it's been 11 years where I've been involved in many projects with different application types and scales.

I have worked with a variety of languages/platforms, such as: c/c++, c#/.net, ruby on rails, php, js, action script (both adobe flex and air), bash/linux, mssql, mysql and db4o.

As a developer I have worked with desktop applications, download managers, browser plugins, software streaming, windows services, linux scripting, server applications on premises and on the cloud, cdn, software sandboxes, software hooks, disassembler, databases, installers/updaters, games, smart cards (gemclub), automated backups, automated software analysis, automated tests and more.


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Software Developer
Roozz (Denmark)

December 2011 – Current

Worked close with the team to stabilize and continue developing the Roozz service. Improved the security and performance of the core that powers the service.

This included technologies/services/approaches such as software streaming, software sandboxes, browser plugins and brokers, cdn, server farm, sql server, code obsfuscation, vista+ uac and security compatibility, disassembler, wine, installer+updater, usage stats, oauth, automated backups, automated software analysis, conversion and tests.

Software Developer
eService Partner (US)

November 2008 – November 2011

A very agile experience with weekly delivery cycles always in line with the latest priorities.

Stabilization and development on client & server features for a content/app store for children media, including its download manager and in app limited browsing.

Developed a microsite for virgin media to manage specific promotions across their uk branches.

Improved security, performance and SEO issues for pdr. It went from having problems with some features hitting 30 second timeouts, to handling without problems an increase of 600% of traffic gained over a year with the same servers.

Recovery for a company that had their site hacked. Fixed several vulnerabilities in their site built by a third party, including a silent one that had been opened for further exploits.

Ongoing development for a deals website, stabilizing performance, adding salsa system integration (newsletter), auto renewals and plenty non public changes.

Software Architect
GCM Global Capability Model (Venezuela)

January 2006 – November 2008

I founded the company along 3 other partners. We had 5 engineers ongoing on clients by april 2006, and 14 by November. Below some projects were I had an active participation.

Local projects:

Design and development of a multi-service prepaid balance system, with multiple user interfaces (mobile, web, ivr, desktop) that was used while offering other services. The services were targetted at the latin american markets.

Development of a local bank's monthly consolidated stats for goverment regulations.

Consulting for a client developing software for the oil industry. Worked with them to improve their software development processes and provided guidance on active projects.

US/UK Projects:

Development of a geo targetted deals site focused on restaurants.

Mobile stores development for a major international record label (nda / handled with our uk partner). Wap2, mobile css, phone purchases were involved in the project.


Best practices in software development courses. I'm a co-autor on this course that covered many aspects of an agile project life cycle on the large scale.

Coached one of our senior developers leading the improvement of the development processes for a 50+ devs deparment in a financial company.

Software Developer / Architect
easymobile (Venezuela)

October 2004 – December 2005

on test

Took the lead to assess the quality of a third party developed application that worked with smart cards. Some examples were: a bug detected could lose card balance, a vulnerability that could be abused to get free balance and a pointlessly slow interface. Worked with the provider to get it fixed well. The painfully slow interface were due to simple design problems.

Lead the effort to review and fix yearly processes, preventing bugs that would have lost balance in plenty of complex but common enough scenarios (the system integrates with many national companies with several modes of operations).

on development

I lead the effort to standarize an api to integrate with third party systems that handled their own balance. Companies that joined and used the api, included national companies in different areas i.e. airline, movie theathers, cable, travel agencies.

Stabilized a kiosk application that worked with smart cards.

Worked together with another developer, to add more services to the IVR.

on software architecture

I lead the design and start of development for a new set of services.

Software Developer
Softech Sistemas (Venezuela)

November 2003 – September 2004

I was a developer on the team that built a packaged ecommerce system called eProfit.

The system worked as a standalone product, but it was mainly built to integrate with the existing systems the company sold: (link in spanish).

The system had to support various extensibility scenarios the administrative product supported. The whole UI was totally dynamic, similar to what would be dynamic data in nowadays.

We designed a configurable service layer, that gives total flexibility on the deployment of distributing the different services to separate computers, without incurring the overhead of web services on scenarios where it is deployed to a single computer.

I worked on both .net and sql server. I made some important contributions on the later, based on skills picked back on Microsoft. In overall we all pushed for the code to be as clean as possible.

A few years after I left, I met one of the developers that was now working on the product, and he told me working on it had been a joy, that the design and code they built on top of was great.

DTS Latin America

September 2003 – October 2003

The client was the online banking team of Banco Provincial Venezuela.

I developed the bank to bank transference and checkbook requests for their online banking site. The implementation was at the site level, connecting over CICS to the backend.

Helped the team achieve fast resolution on common roadblocks that come when using cgi in c, as all their online banking was at the time.

Freelance Project + Collegue Intern
Microsoft Venezuela

June 2002 – August 2003

Freelance project:

Stabilized a game designed to teach .net to developers and collegue students. Went on to implement different bot strategies as samples. The team had a lot of fun doing so, as it was a competition of bots. Developers could learn aspects of .net and web services, by building these bots and match them in tournaments. It was an interesting project for the early days of .net.

College Intern:

Built a fully functional project processes portal for Microsoft's andean region (4 countries) in 5 months (full time), on top of Sharepoint Portal Server 2001 with an ajax interface (didn't have the name at the time). It provided full MSF process guidance, with templates and a project space. As a result, I learned a lot about MSF (Microsoft Solutions Framework) while I was in the project.

Moved the above to Sharepoint Team Services. Focus was mainly project spaces & templates, as headquarter was coming with new guidance / next version of MSF. Headquarter's concept turned out to be similar, but with more interesting integrations with the tooling / probably the precursor of the tfs guidance.

Created an application that helped managing position changes due to a restructure being done at a few branches at the time.

Attended a couple consultant meetings with top clients / as a technical writer & one as an active participant in the ms offices.

Had an interesting speaker experience with an user community group.

Software Developer / DID
Universidad Simón Bolívar (Venezuela)

December 2001 – June 2002

Initial focus was on security, https on the linux server, secured login/hashed passwords. Followed with development and stabilization of new features.

The application allowed professors and others involved to submit the year's research results and papers. Contributed on successfully meeting a critical deadline (failure would have delayed release by a full year).

Last I heard, work on the site continued and is now used by various colleges/universities in the country.

College Intern
Southern Polytechnic State University / Yamacraw (US)

July 2001 – September 2001

Development of a performance comparisson application for an image transference scenario with PDAs, measuring both time and rate of loss.

Further analysis/report on the creation of a communication module targetting Palm OS, Windows CE, Windows NT and Windows 9x.

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Computer engineering
Universidad Simón Bolívar

1998 – 2003

My specializations: robotics, artificial-intelligence, genetic-algorithms, computer graphics, network programming.

I attended a small robotics course, where our class really ramped it up/ got the robots competitions to a couple country's newspapers for the first time, and paved the way for future teams to be sent to international competitions.

Artificial intelligence included neural networks and genetic algorithms. We had 2 dev teams, to spice things up we combined genetic algorithms with a game like simulation and used our own variable length version.

We chose getting uninterrupted connections while roaming on wireless networks as our network programming project. In order to achieve it, we had to go further than we expected: down to the kernel sources and the drivers / although the final version ended up as a driver.

I was a teacher assistant at the college in 2000-2001, which was another different and challenging experience.


MCSD - Microsoft Certified Solution Developer

2008 – 2008

MCTS Sql Server 2005

2008 – 2008

Analyzing Requirements and Defining Microsoft .NET Solution Architectures

2007 – 2007

MCAD - Microsoft Certified Application Developer

2004 – 2004

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Sample of using action filters and cookies to implement a different behavior when returning after authentication. It is meant as an extra for the blog post at

Modified a simple mvc 3 project based on the template, adding the above behavior to share an approach I used on a project.

Google Code, ; followed by 15 people

Adobe AIR AS3 utility classes - Moved to

Did a couple commits to improve its behavior in some scenarios. My commits at:

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Site developed by a third party was suffering serious performance and seo issues.

On the performance side, the issues they were facing were so serious their site failed at what appeared to them at random. All gone now.

On the seo side, the site had a handfull entries in google. After the improvement they got thousands of entries. Obviously traffic skyrocketted at 600% over a year. No performance issues were faced.

With an obviously happy client went on to develop more features, like their current search that behind the scenes uses the now well populated google / while keeping in line with their UI. Another such feature their closeout/on sale offers. Plenty others in the back.

Ongoing development.

Performance improvements, backend features, newsletter system integration, streamlining of their payment page (was multiple steps). Another site they owned that another third party had built was hacked, the third party couldn't handle the situation so I took over and cleaned it up. Closed plenty of vulnerabilities and deployed a clean server.

One of the very few accurate blog posts when the padding vulnerability was revealed on September 2010.

Blog on impact of the padding oracle on PHP when running it in IIS

Writing show all padding oracle: how it relates to getting the web.config, forging authentication cookies and reading other sensitive data


One of the few of the blog posts to get a correct analysis of the padding vulnerability that was revealed on September 2010. padding oracle: impact on MVC and PHP


Impact of the padding oracle on MVC and even PHP / yes, php, if you were running it in IIS

Migrating CentOS servers from Linode to Amazon EC2, or what I did at the end


just a story of migrating linux servers and just using a practical approach to get it up

NuPack Visual Studio Add Package References Crash and TypeLoadException


sharing issues / workarounds on the early days of nuget

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Jamsa's C/C++ Programmer's Bible

Jamsa's C/C++ Programmer's Bible

Kris A. Jamsa, Lars Klander

Just a book I picked back in college that I have very fond memories of.

It served me as a great reference back then.

Articles & Blogs

S.O.L.I.D e-book

This ebook puts together a set of very good blog posts on the SOLID patterns.

Troy Hunt Blog Posts

After exchanging information back on the days the Padding Oracle exploit was known, I like to keep an eye on the quality posts he makes


Custom PC 80286

Visual Studio