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Dustin Getz

Philadelphia, PA, United States

Please see my linkedin:

I have copy pasted a bit of my linkedin here for keyword search purposes only

Actively seeking long term ClojureScript work or short-medium term Javascript contract (no other tech, sorry).

Full stack web developer, ReactJS expert.

While at Wingspan I designed and led implementation of two React.js libraries: * *

In 2013-2014 I ended up becoming a browser UI specialist, React.js pioneer & early adopter. Before that I worked in Scala, and before that Java.

speaking portfolio: * Functional programming on the frontend with Facebook React - talk & workshop (Strange Loop 2014, QCon NYC 2014, PhillyJS, Philly Scala) * opinionated tour of Backbone, Knockout, Angular and React - talk & workshop (June 2013) * Philly ETE 2013 - livecoding the same webapp in clojure & scala on two projectors * Strange Loop 2012 - monads in python * Philly RedSnake 2012 - use continuations for something useful (lightning talk)

Things people have said: * "Just paid for the ReactJS workshop at @strangeloop_stl I joined at last minute. Worth every penny" * "That was one of the most useful meetups I ever attended" * "I saw this talk at PhillyJS, it was absolutely fantastic. I am suggesting this talk to every web developer I know who is interested in Javascript." * "...yes, in fact I owe my understanding of cursors to @dustingetz and Miladinov, thanks to their outstanding talk at qcon ny."



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