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Doug Turnbull

Postal, MO, United States

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Currently Search and Big Data Architect at Opensource Connections.

Playing with computers is something I've enjoyed for a long time. My first computer was an Apple IIe my parents bought for me in 3rd grade. I loved flipping through the included AppleBasic manual and experimenting with creating programs. My K-12 programming career included developing an NFL Football simulator in Turbo Pascal, winning the Great Computer Challenge in QuickBasic and Pascal, numerous ASCII and graphics based games and a database for storing Heroes Unlimmited® characters.

From there, I've let that passion grow into a career.

Currently I spend my working days with wireless and cellular network protocols, programming with C++ and Python in Windows. In recent years I've been a Php and MySql web developer, an Embedded C developer, a Windows API GUI developer, and a Linux network programmer. I've developed deep expertise in object-oriented development in a variety of environments.

I like steep learning curves and working with colleagues smarter than me. I'm hoping to find like minded people in the Charlottesville, VA area who can help me grow into an even better developer.


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Search and Big Data Architect, Opensource Connections

October 2012 - Current

I currently work on customer custom search and big data solutions. We focus on user-focussed search, discovery, and analytics applications using a large variety of search and NoSQL solutions.

Here's some of my projects

  • LucidWorks Big Data Demo demoing combination of search and big data technologies
  • Various NoSQL/Big Data migration reviews
  • Latent Semantic Indexing research combining Mahout machine learning with search
  • Drug Reccommender using LucidWorks Big Data platform

MTS Protocol Software Engineer, Digital Receiver Technology, Germantown, MD

September 2007 - September 2012

At DRT, I am lead developer of 3-4 engineers. We implement wireless protocols on DRT's software radio platform. For a given protocol, our group takes the lead in gathering requirements, system level software design, development, testing, and maintenance of our protocol software. Our group implements protocols in C++ where we make heavy use of STL and boost. In addition to my development tasks, as lead developer I also mentor and assist others, try to keep our wiki useful, assist customers, and perform many other miscellaneous tasks. Lately, I've also been a major contributor for finding and resolving critical performance problems. Below is a list of my accomplishments at DRT.

  • Designed and implementated multiple 3gpp2 wireless protocols on software radio platform
    • Analyzed protocol specifications, developed requirements and design with associated firmware teams
    • Created generic protocol stack framework for decoding and tracking protocol state -- routing protocol events based on publish-subscribe and signals-and slots patterns
    • Supported numerous logging formats, external GUI interfaces, customer interfaces, and device interfaces using generic framework, allowing for extensive reuse
    • Framework allowed multiple engineers to easily parallelize their efforts in implementing logging formats, customer interfaces, etc
    • Acheived a new level of unit testing, achieving a very high percentage of unit test coverage for protocol framework
  • Pioneered methods for packet data reassembly
    • Reassembled incomplete, out-of-order packets into best-effort reconstruction of data stream
    • Recombined data multiplexed on multiple signals back into single stream of data
    • Devised rules for dropping missing packets without adding complexity to design
  • Created framework for recording packet data
    • Resolved management of PCI and file I/O throughput by developing common libraries for priority-based throttling of device data
    • Optimized multiple high-throughput critical paths by performing detailed investigations and measurement.
  • Facilitated development of antenna diversity (processing of one signal with multiple antennas) by
    1. Porting protocol code to new receiver allocation scheme which allows multiple physical receivers per logical receiver,
    2. Refactoring and decoupling firmware booting code to facilitate porting,
    3. Reimplementing old API for unsupported protocols, and
    4. Assisting developers of new protocols through written communication and mentoring
  • Crystalized multiple, lengthy, protocol specifications into concept of operations document, detailing the protocol and functional design of protocol implementation
  • Organized and lead other engineers during trade show product demonstrations, engaging customers about about their ideas and feedback
  • Solved customer resource usage utilization issues by designing and developing automatic hardware reallocation based on event detected in protocol.
  • Developed VisPerf to assist in visualizing performance problems in DRT's software.
  • Resolved dozens of performance problems in multiple projects using Visual Studio Stand-Alone Profiler and VisPerf

Lead Web Developer, Outdoor Adventure Social Club

2005 - 2011

In parallel with my career as a C and C++ developer, I've been maintaining a web application for a local community organization. These projects are sometimes small (creating a new type of periodic database query/cron job) or can be more extensive (developing a Facebook app). This experience has given me a chance to learn about technologies outside of my day job. It has also forced me to build useful software alone, requiring me to be highly self motivated, disciplined, and organized. Below is a list of my accomplishments with OASC.

  • Maintained and developed new features for OASC's web app and database -- App allows adventure leaders to create, post, and manage outdoor trips and allows members to easily see and sign up for thes eadventures
  • Developed strong database and web programming skills
  • Developed Facebook app that automatically posts member's adventure joining/completing along with associated pictures to their page and the OASC organization's page,
  • Integrated a PhpBb2 bulletin board into the site, integrating the site's existing membership account information with the Phpbb2 login, avoiding the need for members to create separate logins
  • Enhanced OASC database to improve site efficiency
    • Redesigned adventure location tables and queries
    • Redesign adventure listing page to paginate based on year of adventure
  • Dozens of other additional features including:
    • Redesigned adventure question system to store member's previous responses
    • Created new "member social" feature to allow members to announce their own social activities to the club's members
    • Developed several intricate SQL queries for reporting purposes\
    • Upgraded site from php 4 to php 5

Software Engineer, Sperry Marine -- Northrop Grumman, Charlottesville, VA

2004 - 2007

  • Developed network interface for inertial navigation system (INS) in embedded Linux for communicating over a ship’s ethernet network
    • Lead Architect with two other developers
    • Implemented TCP/IP code that receives/sends real-time sensor data using multithreaded Object-Oriented C++
    • Integrated legacy code to communicate with new software
    • Debugged Linux kernel/system problems causing large latencies on target hardware
  • Crafted reliable Windows-based gyrocompass calibration tools
    • Developed reusable object-oriented framework for sensor calibration tools
  • Maintained software for legacy embedded real-time products
    • Proven capability to solve problems by combining fragmented information from the field with in-house troubleshooting
    • Resolved a variety of software problems (and implemented new features)--often dealing with the highest-profile, and most difficult problems including:
      • Debugged and redesigned inertial navigation velocity measurement subsystem, resolving fundamental design issues that caused unrecoverable system crashes in the field
      • Brought high-speed serial communication interface to maturity through redesign, creation of unit tests, and bug fixes
      • Created diagnostic tools for in-house operating system for evaluating per-thread CPU usage for tuning CPU load on marine autopilot
      • Designed configuration database for marine autopilot to ensure backwards compatibility during database expansion due to version upgrades/downgrades

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B.S. Computer Science, Virginia Tech

1999 - 2004

Spent 4 semesters doing undergraduate research. Researched viability of using cognitive architectures (software that models human cognition) to test the usability of user interfaces. Published results in SERP.

Hardest (and most fun) class - Artificial Intelligence. Studied decision trees, neural networking, monte-carlo reinforcment learning, constraint-based problems.

B.A. History, Virginia Tech

1999 - 2004

Spent 2 years doing basic research in New England native american colonial history. Published paper on research on missionary/Native American interactions.

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GitHub, Feb 2011 - Jun 2013

Personal cashflow web app


GitHub, Feb 2011

Some Sample Code using Boost & STL


GitHub, Feb 2011

Some Sample Code using Boost & STL


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GitHub, Sep 2012

demo code for 0mq that scrapes img tags


GitHub, Aug 2012; followed by 2 people

0mq very basic examples


GitHub, Oct 2012

Fork of flake8 that also runs doctests. Works great with syntastic for running tests in realtime


GitHub, Oct 2012 - Jan 2013; followed by 3 people

Personal scaffolding around flask/backbone.js to learn the framework and as a starting point for future projs.

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Are Cognitive Architectures Mature Enough to Evaluate Notification Systems?

  • Evaluated a series of tools known as “Cognitive Architectures”. These tools attempt to model some or all aspects of human cognition.
  • Evaluated these tools to determine whether they could supplement or supplant standard usability (user-based) studies

Full citation: Are Cognitive Architectures Mature Enough to Evaluate Notification Systems? Proceedings of the 2003 International Conference on Software Engineering Research and Practice (SERP '03), Las Vegas NV, June 2003

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Apple IIE



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Douglas G. Turnbull, “White Praying Indians” in Virginia Social Science Journal Spring 2004

  • Studied John Eliot's 17th century attempts to create a utopian, Puritan society from Native American converts
  • Poured over mountains of microfiche that made me truly appreciate the simple pleasure of ctrl+f