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Sean Patterson

Prescott, AZ, United States

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Currently App & Mobile Developer at Fresh Consulting, and Software Engineer at Dillie-O Digital.

As a seasoned and innovative software engineer I have 10 years of experience in designing and programming web sites and web applications for both small department and enterprise clients. I am a hard working, self-motivated individual that also works well in team environments. I firmly believe that if you can dream it, I can build it.



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App & Mobile Developer, Fresh Consulting

June 2011 - Current

Provides fresh and innovative solutions to various clients, including a major telecommunications company and a statewide student athletic association. Solutions span across all platforms and technologies.

Notable Applications Include:

Application Tracking Program – ASP.NET web application that tracks the internal processing of a customer’s application. The application involves several document types and complex rules for management. Application is written in using C# and leverages the Entity Framework model for easy database interaction and object manipulation. Front end uses jQuery and HighCharts for robust data presentation. Database scripts were generated to upgrade existing database to have new columns/data created. This allowed team to bring up a fresh database in a remote development environment quickly and without custom handling.

Athletic Administrators Association Site – PHP based site used for providing athletic administrators announcements and information they need. Site was constructed in 2 days using PyroCMS framework. Custom widgets to poll existing RSS feeds and display PDF documents in page were created. Custom pages were designed so that end users could easily upload documents and have them displayed on the page.

Child Welfare Dashboard Upgrade – Recreated internal dashboard application for leading foster care and child welfare organization. Worked as part of a large team to create a ASP.Net MVC single page application that presented a large amount of data and statistics in a responsive and friendly manner for end users. Application uses geographic based data and renders them using jQuery, D3, and Highcharts. Graphs and maps are dynamically updated based on filter criteria specified by user.

Customer Application Site Upgrade – Upgraded existing ASP.Net web application to allow mobile application to interface with site. Users can register and view their application details. Mobile interaction was achieved by leveraging creating web services that mapped into existing user registration and functionality. Site was also upgraded to sort search results based on location of original search and to integrate search results with Google Earth.

Software Engineer, Dillie-O Digital

June 2010 - Current

Served as webmaster for the Evangelical Outpost website, a WordPress based site.

Created several independent projects (some listed in Open Source section) including:

Game Timer -

A simple countdown timer used in a local card/comic shop. Site allows for rotating images, audio notifications, and is mobile friendly. Build using Ruby on Rails and Zurb Foundation

PyroDoc Viewer -

A plugin for the PyroCMS system that allows users to quickly and easily display PDF, Excel, Word, and other document times within their site.

Programmer/Analyst II, Yavapai County Government

August 2006 - May 2011

  • Create web based applications to serve the various internal departments meeting their specialized needs for day to day operations.

  • Maintain database tables, procedures, and data for affected applications.

  • Assist co-workers with miscellaneous design and programming issues.

  • Notable Applications Include:

FLoPE (Financial Long Term Care Payments and Extraction) – ASP.NET application that retrieves weekly payments summaries from Plexis care management and sends them to Sungard HTE Financial system for processing. Application is written in ASP.NET that interfaces with SQL Server 2000 and AS/400 DB2 systems in a secure and timely manner.

CRuMBS (Contract Repository and Management for Board of Supervisors) – ASP.NET / AJAX application that provides a concise and powerful searching and archiving system for the contracts maintained by the county. The system integrates with Hyland’s OnBase document management system for easy insertion and retrieval of scanned contract images. System also includes a notification system for expiring contracts. While the system is initially being released to the Board of Supervisors department, it is targeted to serve the entire county for their contract processing.

EAF (Employee Action Form) 2.0 – EAF 2.0 is a complete rewrite of the existing system that processes employee changes within the county. The new system will leverage ASP.NET 3.5 / AJAX to eliminate duplicate form processing, data integrity problems, and have an updated user interface that will be contextually based on the user role logged into the system. This system will interface with the internal Address database and HTE Human Resources system to provide an enterprise level notification and tracking of employees.

SWAT (Standardized Web Application Template) – A Visual Studio template that allows new projects to maintain a consistent look and function as existing internal applications. Template was configurable via web.config file to include custom headers and a custom link bar at the bottom of the page. Template also allowed developers to easily integrate AJAX, log4net, jQuery, internal security library, and a deployment script into the application. This template saves developers numerous days of work that was previously spent coming up with a design and getting basic functionality within their application.

Software Engineer, UNLV

August 2002 - July 2006

  • Created web based applications for various departments within the University that relied upon the Student Information System (SIS) data.
  • Maintained data warehouse that retrieved SIS data from state mainframe system on a daily basis for use in local applications.
  • Served as primary developer on university wide committee to establish a universal ID for use with all applications and upcoming University portal.
  • Served as primary developer WebCT Statewide Committee which oversaw and developed a state wide WebCT implementation that served 3 universities.
  • Notable Applications Include:

WISP (WebCT Integration via PHP) PHP based integration system that retrieved new student registrations from SIS data warehouse and performed class creations and enrollments based on this data. Application interfaces with Oracle 10g database and Blackboard/WebCT’s XML based API.

SQUiRT (Student Query and Roster Tool) ASP.NET based application that retrieved data from 3 disparate systems (SIS data warehouse, mainframe user files, Student Support database) to provide detailed student data for support personnel. Previously support personnel would need to have 3 separate applications open and perform multiple queries to retrieve this data.


Computer Engineering / Computer Science, University of Southern California

1999 - 2002

Certificate of Completion, Biola University - Torrey Honors Insititute

1996 - 1999

Great Books / Tutorial Style program.

Cross County Member: 3 Years (NAIA Academic Member) Track Member: 3 Years

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CCG Toolkit

CodePlex, ; followed by 2 people

A suite of applications (web and client based) including a database used in to create/view/modify decks and rulings with the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game. Data is structured to be expandable into other collectible card games (CCGs). Uses SQL 2005, WinForms, ASP.Net AJAX, WPF.


GitHub, Aug 2011; followed by 6 people; forked 2 times

This is a simple student module for PyroCMS that demonstrates how you can extend the user module to include extra data.


GitHub, Jul 2013

This tool decodes Ascii Hex encoded data found in URLs used in recent SQL Injection attacks.


GitHub, Jul 2013

The Blog Migrator tool is an all purpose utility designed to help transition a blog from one platform to another. It leverages XML-RPC, BlogML, and WordPress WXR formats. It also provides the ability to "rewrite" your posts on your old blog to point to the new location.


GitHub, Jul 2013

HackSaw is a web based tool for viewing log files created with the Log4Net framework.

This collection of procedures allows you to create count based reports, divided up into time intervals, for analysis or documentation. See link for details.

Jquery based Ajax Pagination Library solution for CodeIgniter


GitHub, Jul 2013

fotelo (foe-tell-o): A formatted text loader library for .Net Framework 2.0

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L5R Honor

A simple little program to track you and your opponents honor.


An honor tracking application for The Legend of the Five Rings Collectible Card Game. Featuring the amazing artwork from the game, you can track your honor, your opponents honor,…

Primary developer



Visual Studio