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William McInroy

Laramie, WY, United States

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Derzeit Student Derzeit Gameplay Programmer bei Jyla Development.

I am a 15 year old programmer experienced in C#, Unity, Kinect, Image Processing, and C++. I have been programming for 4 years, and I have also done a little work in python, robotics, and OpenCV. I recently implemented a multiplayer network on Unity using SQL and HTTP. I like working with Kinect, Image Processing, and C# best since it is new technology and very innovative and can be applied to many platforms.


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Gameplay Programmer, Jyla Development

Februar 2014 - Aktuell

I am a gameplay programmer for Jyla Development, another independent group. I have worked as a mobile developer, specifically with Android, and looking towards iOS. I have finished working on a mobile app for them, Skwob . I have implemented:

  • Maze generation algorithm
  • Object interaction
  • User input
  • User settings
  • Music/sound effects
  • Scoreboard

In their next project, named Isolation for the moment, I am a gameplay programmer, specifically in artificial intelligence. I am working on an algorithm to predict the player's location based off of the enemies previous interactions with the player.

Software Developer, Kinected Security

Oktober 2011 - März 2014

I was in charge of all of the programming, planning, and release (to be) of Kinected. The current features are as followed:

  • Basic Kinect functions (change motor tilt, get depth/color images etc.)
  • Save color images of user
  • Save depth images of user
  • Upload saved images to a website, where users can view pictures
  • User can specify how many frames per second they want saved.
  • Save skeleton information of user
  • Save above information if only a skeleton is in the frame
  • Tell the difference from a pet skeleton and a human skeleton (removing the Kinect's small margin of error)
  • Compare information of a saved skeleton and the current skeleton
  • Play a sound when a skeleton is detected
  • Send email to user when human is detected
  • Log into our online website from the desktop application

I ran into issues with the saving of images (paths, converting to bitmaps) and uploading images to Facebook and sending notification emails.

I am also in the progress of adding the features listed below:

  • Saving images of the users face
  • Saving data about the users face
  • Comparing the users face to a face that has been saved

And am thinking of adding the following features:

  • Send Twitter notification

Kinected has made it to the Wyoming State Science Fair twice in a row. In the 2012 Science fair, it achieved an honorable mention in Electrical/Mechanical Engineering, and deemed most innovative overall. In the 2014 State Science Fair, it won the Computer Science category, qualified as a Broadcom MASTER Nominee, and was awarded the National Center for Atmospheric Research-Wyoming (NCAR-WY) excellence in Computer science/Mathematics.

Network Engineer, GentleForge

Juni 2013 - Mai 2014

I was the Network Engineer for GentleForge, an indie developer group, and worked on implementing a real-time multiplayer and chat system. I used Photon Server with Unity3D and C#. I created all the client and server side features and also implementing it into real games. I created the master server which connects players to games.

The features I made include:

  • Creating a game server
  • Creating a master server
  • Managing server side
  • Managing client side
  • Implementing the server at a different IP address
  • Creating a in-game chat system
  • Search for games
  • Join/Leave lobbies
  • Encryption of Data
  • Decryption of Data

Some problems I ran into during this were with HTTP, SQL, and implementing the chat system with the game logic.

I was also a Game Developer for GentleForge, an indie developer group, and am working with image effects, object interaction, minigames, GUI, working with modifying textures, and custom shaders. I also have created some random spawn algorithms and implemented multiple image processing algorithms into the games (Gaussian blur, motion blur, camera sway, etc.). I have also created vertex and geometry shaders using Cg.

I created:

  • A random spawning algorithm.
  • A Gaussian blur effect.
  • A random sway or shake on objects.
  • A GUI interface
  • Timed events
  • Custom Shaders

Some problems I faced were applying effects to GUIs, timed events, and having a consistent smooth blur effect.

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GitHub, Jun 2014 – Aktuell; 12 Follower; 6mal geforkt

An API for a convolutional neural network implemented in C++

I contributed all source code and documentation on this project. I originally had a very memory and work intensive design and have refactored once to speed the program and once to utilize template metaprogramming to perform as many operations as possible when compiling the program to assist with speed and free more memory on the user's computer during runtime.


GitHub, Mrz 2014 - Jun 2014

A library with code that helps robots save temporary memory

I have contributed all source code with hopes to continue to work on this project in python until it is functional with Myro and scribbler robots, then possibly port to C++ for use with Arduino and other robots.


GitHub, Sep 2012 - Mrz 2014

iOS, Android and Desktop app to keep your scrabble score for you

Apps & Software


The game is simple yet amazingly unique in it's ability to change direction and manipulate the fast-paced action! Expect lots of twists, turns, flips and deaths! Enjoy, and don't…

I implemented the entirety of the game by myself. This includes gameplay, GUI, and network interaction.

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Dell Inspiron

Visual Studio


I started programming when I was 11 on Kinected which started out as a Science Fair project. I have now been working on it for two and a half years and it has been restarted from scratch countless times to get the perfect user interface and most efficient code. I have used every version of the Kinect SDK, C#, and .NET framework that has come out since then. I have put in around 300 hours into Kinected, and the result is that it is almost finished. I hope to release Kinected sometime in the next year, and hope to get a few downloads. Kinected has made it to the Wyoming State Science Fair twice in a row. In the 2012 Science fair, it achieved an honorable mention in Electrical/Mechanical Engineering, and deemed most innovative overall. In the 2014 State Science Fair, it won the Computer Science category, qualified as a Broadcom MASTER Nominee, and was awarded the National Center for Atmospheric Research-Wyoming (NCAR-WY) excellence in Computer science/Mathematics.

I also have helped my dad with Kinect for Physiotherapy, a program to help patients with Kinect to do stretches their doctors give them at home without mistakes. The program used Kinect so the patients can see the doctor doing the stretch, and do it with them. The program then compares the stretches and tells the user if they are doing them correctly and what to change. I have also put in around 200 hours into this project and converted it across multiple versions.

I also specialize in Unity. I am mostly only script but also know how to model, and create levels in Unity. I also have done some animation. I am currently working on a game with my friend in Unity, but love scripting so if you want a script feel free to contact me. I have 3 years of experience in Unity.

I joined GentleForge, which is a independent game developing team. I have made a few minigames for them and I have created a network. I implemented a realtime multiplayer engine and a chat along with a MasterServer. I have used Photon Server, and made my own MasterServer. I used a database to store games using SQL, and clients can connect to the MasterServer using HTTP's GET and POST requests.

Another indie game group I've joined is Team Kranox who I have developed my first ever android app for, Skwob. I personally contributed all code to skwob, including the gameplay, settings, interface, and networks. This app was made in unity also; and is planned for release as soon as beta testing is finished.

I am also a part of the Laramie Robotics Club and have learned python through it. This club also initially introduced me to robotics, and I have been fascinated with ever since. I have made robot scripts that can follow light, avoid light, follow lines and solve mazes with those lines, and use an Infrared sensor to navigate a maze without hitting walls. I am planning on creating my own robots in my spare time, and implementing my other specialties into them.