Vineet Reynolds

Senior Software Engineer
Red Hat
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I'm a multi-faceted and versatile software engineer, who has undertaken responsibilities in various aspects of software development, whether it is requirements analysis, design, development or debugging support issues. I have been extensively involved in application security for the past couple of years, while continuing to invest time in mastering the Java EE platform.

The primary skill in accomplishing my responsibilities has been research; I believe in

spending an hour in the library instead of a month in the laboratory.

This is evidenced in my ability to understand the relevant industry standards and specifications, and to apply the knowledge gleaned to the problem at hand. One is likely to find a similar pattern in my answers provided at StackOverflow.

In the accomplishment of responsibilities accorded to me in my previous jobs, I have demonstrated the ability to understand the behavior of systems at the lowest desirable level, lending me insight in to the root causes of issues in various aspects - transaction management, concurrency, deployment, internationalization, clustering and performance. This enabled me to pinpoint erroneous behavior and correct them in a timely manner with minimum changes in the code bases.

I would be open to software development positions that would benefit from my experience and skill set, while allowing me to expand my knowledge and undertake more responsibilities than I previously have.

My complete resume is also available as a Word document.


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Senior Software Engineer
Red Hat

Januar 2013–Aktuell

Contributor to JBoss Forge. Designed the AngularJS scaffolding plugin for Forge that scaffolds responsive web apps based on JPA entities. The client-side stack includes AngularJS and Twitter Bootstrap, whereas the server-side stack includes JAX-RS, EJB 3.x and JPA 2.x. Contributed bug fixes to Forge plugins, notably in RESTful web services, and Maven project building.

Current maintainer of TicketMonster - a reference application for Java EE 6.

Contributor to JBoss Web Framework Kit. Created and/or maintained JavaScript and Cordova based quickstarts.


Juni 2011–Dezember 2012

Engineered the test infrastructure using Arquillian, for Mipagar, a SaaS solution for billing services. The test suite employed functional and integration tests (with the Arquillian Persistence Extension) to prevent regression issues, supply coverage of business scenarios and provide an assessment of the system's performance (using ContiPerf). Developed the Drools integration and the REST API for the billing service.

Initiated the Comptroller Impeccabilis project - a general ledger system for financial institutions constructed using agile techniques. Responsible for all software development activities. Undertook requirements analysis, developed website wireframes, authored the agile user stories, designed the product architecture and constructed the domain model.

Contributed the WebLogic container integration to JBoss Arquillian. Also worked on the GlassFish and Tomcat integrations of Arquillian.

Initiated the Java EE 6 - Galleria project to explore and demonstrate the use of domain-driven design in Java EE. The learnings from this project are eventually incorporated into the Comptroller Impeccabilis project.

Senior Applications Engineer
Oracle Financial Services

März 2006–März 2011

Notable accomplishments over the course of employment include:

  • Design and development of pragmatic & thorough solutions in the fields of application integration and application security.
  • Resolution of issues encountered in development or in implementation of FLEXCUBE UBS in areas including but not restricted to application security, internationalization, clustering, performance, concurrency, transaction management and deployment.
  • Comprehensive evaluation of security tools for use against FLEXCUBE UBS. These included Fortify SCA, Codenomicon Defensics and HP WebInspect.

Analyzed security requirements and proposed designs in appropriate areas for several FLEXCUBE UBS releases. Drafted the plan for use of information flow analysis in scoping the applications security requirements, and in the evaluation of security tools.

Worked in conjunction with the Oracle Ethical Hacking Team (EHT) to assess the FLEXCUBE UBS 10.5.2 release for security vulnerabilities.

Co-authored the caching rules to be employed in Oracle Web Cache for FLEXCUBE UBS. Aided in the adoption of Oracle Access Manager and Oracle Web Services Manager for FLEXCUBE UBS.

Analyzed, designed, implemented security fixes and performed in-house testing for the implementations of FLEXCUBE UBS at Tier-1 banks in Western Europe and South-East Asia.

Resolved issues encountered in the areas of session management and concurrency, during the implementation of FLEXCUBE UBS at HBOS.

Designed and developed the integration of FLEXCUBE UBS with Oracle IPM (Imaging and Process Management) and FLEXCUBE DMS.

Resolved performance issues involving the integration of FLEXCUBE with an ISO-8583 CMS in FIB-Bulgaria.

Researched the deployment strategies for EAR files portable across application servers, for use by the FLEXCUBE UBS installer.

Performed technology adoption of Oracle BAM 10g for FLEXCUBE UBS.

Developed and integrated BPEL process flows with the Letters of Credit module, for Barclays South Africa.

Software Engineer
SeQ Softech Private Limited

September 2005–Februar 2006

Responsibilities included:

  • Implemented a J2EE-based component of, which generated USPS compliant shipping labels for a parcel return service operated by APX Logistics.
  • Achieved integration of with:
    • The eTrac courier communication network hosted by DataTrac Corporation.
    • The Sidewinder Business Information Management System (BIMS) operated by Sidewinder Holdings Ltd.


B.E. Computer Science
PESIT, Bangalore


Graduated with First Class with Distinction (75%).

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GitHub, Mai 2013 - Mrz 2014; 8 Follower; 6mal geforkt

The AngularJS scaffold-x plugin for Forge 1.x and 2.x

Designed and implemented the scaffolding provider.

GitHub, Apr 2011 – Aktuell; 164 Follower; 147mal geforkt

Forge Core Framework APIs and Implementation

Contributor to scaffolding and other addons.

GitHub, Okt 2011 – Aktuell; 14 Follower; 23mal geforkt

Arquillian WebLogic Containers

Module Lead for the WebLogic container integration.

Developed the 1.0.0.Alpha1 & Alpha2 versions of the WebLogic Container integration for Arquillian.

GitHub, Mai 2012 - Nov 2015; 168 Follower; 343mal geforkt

Ticket Monster - an example application for JBoss using Java EE 6 and other technologies.

Current maintainer of Ticket Monster.

GitHub, Sep 2013 - Mrz 2015; 27 Follower; 70mal geforkt

JBoss Web Framework Kit includes certified and integrated software available in the form of quickstarts and examples — everything you need to build and maintain simple web applications.

Responsible for development of JavaScript and Cordova based quickstarts that work against JBoss EAP.

GitHub, Mrz 2011 - Mai 2015; 18 Follower; 26mal geforkt

Arquillian GlassFish Containers

Contributor. Resolved ARQ-627, ARQ-398, ARQ-400 and ARQ-658.

Bitbucket, Nov 2011 - Mrz 2012

The goal of this project - "Comptroller Impeccabilis" is to build a system to serve as a back-office solution for financial institutions. It's primary focus is on providing a multi-organization, multi-currency General Ledger system that would scale to meet other back-office needs. The project is named after the English word "Comptroller" - The chief accountant, and the Latin word "impeccabilis" - Impeccable.

Bootstrapped the project. Responsible for requirement analysis, user story preparation, web-application wireframe creation, and most importantly, development.

GitHub, Okt 2011 - Feb 2013

Arquillian provides a component model for integration tests, which includes dependency injection and container life cycle management. Now, instead of having to manage a runtime in your test, Arquillian brings your test to the runtime. Arquillian Core, Container Extension + Protocols + Enrichers

Bitbucket, Jun 2011 - Mrz 2012; 22 Follower

The Java EE 6-Galleria is a demo application demonstrating the use of JSF 2.0 and JPA 2.0 in a Java EE project using Domain Driven Design. It was written to serve as a showpiece for domain driven design in Java EE 6. The domain model of the application is not anemic, and is constituted of JPA entities. The entities are then used in session EJBs that act as the application layer. JSF facelets are used in the presentation tier, using Mojarra and PrimeFaces. The project seeks to achieve comprehensive coverage through the use of both unit and integration tests, written in JUnit 4. The unit and integration tests for EJBs and the domain model rely on the EJB 3.1 container API. The integration tests for the presentation layer relies on the Arquillian project and its Drone extension (for execution of Selenium tests).

Primary author. Designed and developed the project.

GitHub, Jan 2012 - Feb 2012; 6 Follower; 3mal geforkt

Arquillian JBehave TestRunner

Wrote the initial prototype of the JBehave integration for Arquillian.

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