Tim Yates

Principal developer
Auto Trader UK
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Principal developer
Auto Trader UK

Juli 2015–Aktuell

Senior Developer
AutoTrader UK

Juli 2014–Juli 2015

Working in the Data and Insight team, turning live events into metrics we can pass back to the customer and other departments, via web-services and interactive dashboards.

Software Architect
Paterson Institute for Cancer Research

Januar 2011–Juni 2014

My current role is that of a Software Architect who still writes code.

As such, I see where things fit our current infrastructure, where our infrastructure needs to shift in the coming years.

Also, acting as a mentor to others, helping people get their solutions up and running quickly and securely, and pointing out areas/languages or frameworks that might interest them for future research.

Research Applications Programming Manager
Paterson Institute for Cancer Research

Januar 2008–Januar 2011

I now manage the development of Research Applications and frameworks for the Applied Computational Biology and Bioinformatics department

I work in whatever the best technology seems to be at the time, and dependent on the task at hand, from Perl through R and a little Erlang into Java and Groovy.

Research Programmer
Paterson Institute for Cancer Research

Januar 2003–Januar 2008

Java Developer
Team Netsol

Juni 2000–November 2002

Xpertrule software

Juni 1997–Juni 2000


Juli 1995–Juli 1996

As a placement student at CERN, I re-engineered an alarm server to give a thousand-fold increase in performance. The server was written in C and ran on the LynxOS realtime operating system.

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BSc Hons Computing
Manchester Metropolitan University


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GitHub, Apr 2012 - Jun 2015; 59 Follower; 11mal geforkt

A collection of classed to give a fluent builder for Streams (Lazy Groovy Generators)

GitHub, Nov 2012 - Dez 2014; 45 Follower; 13mal geforkt

GitHub, Jul 2012 - Jul 2015; 35 Follower; 18mal geforkt

Asynchronous BusMod Persistor for JDBC support in vert.x

GitHub, Feb 2012; 10 Follower

A starting point for Storm distributed processing with Groovy and Gradle

GitHub, Dez 2011; 3 Follower

GitHub, Okt 2012 - Okt 2013; 2 Follower

A WIP Circuit Breaker patter for Vert.x

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Annmap is an interactive Genome Browser displaying Genes, Transcripts, Exons, ESTs, Prediction Transcripts, Proteins and Domains alongside Affymetrix Exon Array Probesets.…

Wrote the full stack, from the website through the back-end to the database

annmap provides annotation mappings for Affymetrix exon arrays and coordinate based queries to support deep sequencing data analysis. Database access is hidden behind the API which provides a set of functions such as genesInRange(), geneToExon(), exonDetails(), etc. Functions to plot gene architecture and BAM file data are also provided. Underlying data are from Ensembl.

Lead Developer

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Lazy squares using groovy-stream

Lazy squares using groovy-stream Last night, I saw a post on my twitter feed titled “Why Functional Programming in Java is Dangerous” where the author tries to implement the clojure code in a...

Object destructuring with getAt in Groovy

Object destructuring with getAt in Groovy One thing I only recently learned about Groovy is that by implementing the getAt method, you can destructure your Object via multiple assignment.

groovy-stream a Lazy Generator class for Groovy

groovy-stream a Lazy Generator class for Groovy The past few days I’ve been spending my spare time working on a Groovy Generator framework...

Using JNA with Groovy

Using JNA with Groovy Given this embarassingly simple C program which takes a name parameter and a buffer to write the result into, and writes "Hello %s" into this buffer:…

X:Map: annotation and visualization of genome structure for Affymetrix exon array analysis.

National Center for Biotechnology Information

Affymetrix exon arrays aim to target every known and predicted exon in the human, mouse or rat genomes, and have reporters that extend beyond protein coding regions to other areas of the transcribed genome. This combination of increased coverage and precision is important because a substantial proportion of protein coding genes are predicted to be alternatively spliced, and because many non-coding genes are known also to be of biological significance


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