Brighid McDonnell

Software Engineer
Flowroute, Inc
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I connect humans and computers using narrative. The algorithms that we as engineers create, must be clothed in narratives so that we as humans understand how to improve our lives with them. Designing, creating, and teaching these narratives, is what a good engineer does.

I believe that being an engineer and a designer is about making difficult choices, and making them so well and so deftly that the decisions that filter down to the user, are strictly the ones that only the user can make. I believe that the best thing software can do is to become a part of the user, the way that a hammer is part of a skilled carpenter who's using it to drive in a nail. I believe that the world faces gigantic and terrifying problems right now, and that extending our brains with computers and narrative is essential to solving those problems.

It would very stressful to believe all that if it didn't at the same time tell me that the world is full of really cool things, that compassion, hope, and laughter can be just as important as the big-O efficiency of a program, and that by being good to one another, we can make the world better for everyone.


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Software Engineer
Flowroute, Inc

Februar 2015–Aktuell


  • Maintaining and expanding Flowroute's management console.
  • Converting several programs to UTF8 compatibility so that the system can gracefully serve Sr. Muñoz or Frau Langestraße
  • Various Git wizardry tasks
  • Implement an API for Flowroute services using Klein and Twisted.
  • Strong voice of advocacy for user experience concerns and diversity-aware hiring.
  • Created a versatile onboarding script to make sure new developers got up to speed quickly.

Software Development Engineer

August 2013–Oktober 2014

At Amazon, I maintained and added features to a challenging legacy program that was a critical piece of the security team's workflow. This project required Perl expertise and an understanding of networking and how to make a long-running program resilient to transient failures in the services it interacts with.

I also implemented a major feature for my team's flagship product, involving being able to query the RubyGems, CPAN, Maven Central, or PyPI package archives and resolve dependencies among packages to meet Amazon's particular business needs. This required going from zero to proficiency with Ruby, learning the APIs for the package archives, and integrating multiple internal APIs from other Amazon teams, as well as exposing and working around bugs in the parts of these APIs that I used.

For both of these projects, I was also responsible for creating tests for the code and documenting the work: I was accountable to customers for the usefulness of the documentation, as well as engaging in extensive team communication about the design and implementation of the projects. I worked on a team using Agile methodology and came up to speed with that work paradigm during my time at Amazon.

Software Engineer

Mai 2012–Mai 2013

I imported clients' databases (from a variety of formats) into the Perl/MySQL-powered ORM that our CMS product uses, using Perl, XML, and elisp for various parts of the task. I also documented the process with data transition documents, which required frequent written communication with other people in the company to make the documentation right. I shared and reviewed the code that I produced with coworkers via Git and SVN.

Web Developer

August 2011–Mai 2012

I maintained and modified a Magento e-commerce store, including implementing a (painful) version transition that I picked up after a previous employee left off, modifying the store's appearance and functionality at both the PHP template and the XML-inheritance-chain levels. I migrated a Magento theme between versions, and helped my coworkers implement various SEO techniques and speed optimizations (e.g. switching content from local to CDN).

I also played a system-administrator role: I recovered the company's crucial financial data after a hardware failure in the office server, after which I implemented a multi-layer backup regime with an automated local component and an off-site component. I did extensive shell scripting, I managed the VMs that provided services for the office, and I set up a local development environment for the Magento store that used git instead of SVN, among other improvements.

System Administrator and QA Tester
Recommended Test Labs

April 2011–August 2011

I was the senior tester in a QA team: while we were running through test cases on the mobile devices that we handled, I was the one who answered questions about how to use Jira, how to write up test results, and how to reduce issues to the minimum elements for reproduction. I also used some Python and bash scripting to exercise certain test cases (e.g. generating very large address books or mail folders).

I also administered the company's public-facing Joomla web site. While in this role, I created and implemented a backup strategy with Dirvish and a Python script I wrote to send a nightly email recording the backup's status. I added content and styling to Joomla-based web site, often tweaking the underlying PHP/JS/CSS by hand. In the process, I implemented a basic JavaScript spam trap to prevent spam from being sent through the site's contact form.


A.S. Information Technology
Empire College, Santa Rosa, CA


Graduated with 3.6 GPA, earned Microsoft MCP, COMP-TIA A+/Net+ certifications, letter of recommendation from department head.

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GitHub, Sep 2015 - Nov 2015

werkzeug + twisted.web

Contributed a new feature and a major documentation enhancement.

GitHub, Mai 2009 – Aktuell; 28961 Follower; 14283mal geforkt

:beer: The missing package manager for OS X.

Contributed a bug fix and enhancement.

GitHub, Mrz 2012 - Sep 2012

A tool to help CCG players learn the contents of their decks via flash-card quizzes.

Sole contributor.

GitHub, Mrz 2013

Easily create affiliate links within emacs.

Sole contributor.

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