Stefano Ceschi Berrini

Software Engineer
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Software Engineer

März 2012–Aktuell

Lead front-end engineer

Front-end Web Developer
Fitmo B.V.

Februar 2011–März 2012

Lead front-end dev for a new amazing fitness-related project.

Web Developer
Zucchetti Spa

Januar 2008–Februar 2011

Worked on building a light, easy(as much as possible) and cross-browser CMS (Java, jsp, taglib, javascript, AJAX, HTML) including some correlated tools to improve User-friendliness Developed Web-RAD tools (such as "portal studio", a very powerful tool conceived to simplify web portals development) Involving in several design and code reviews Worked on a canvas (HTML5) based Web-RAD tool to improve companies BPM workflows

Web Designer & Developer
Myself (freelancer)

Januar 2004–Februar 2010

Recent websites developed by me:

Web Designer & Developer / Consultant
Università degli Studi di Padova

Januar 2007–März 2008

Worked on a LAMP-based web portal (made by software engineering student group I was part of) thought to help students of computer science faculty to manage their internship and graduation processes. Payed great attention to W3C standards, browser differences and accessibility.

Struts and Webservices Developer

April 2007–Juni 2007

I worked (Bachelor's Degree internship) at visiant (ex netek s.r.l.) for three months. I developed a webservice interface for a struts-based web application.

Computer science [basics] Teacher
enaip veneto

Mai 2006–Juni 2006

Course made for unemployed people. Taught computer science basics (computer hardware basics, binary system, computer architecture, Windows xp OS, Linux OS, Internet architecture)

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Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science
University of Padua


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GitHub, Mai 2011

Mooclock is a Mootools plugin that shows an animated Clock.

GitHub, Apr 2011; 2 Follower

A simple Mootools plugin to show a list of Instagram photos.

GitHub, Jan 2011

A cool iphone-styled menu. Can be used on (i)devices or in a normal web site. ALPHA vers. stay away from here, just take a look at the demo :D

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a Problem-Solution Ap)

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Beginning iPhone 4 Development: Exploring the iOS SDK

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Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach (3rd Edition)

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Introduction to Algorithms

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