Stéphane NICOLAS

Android/Java programmer and consultant
OCTO Technology
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Talentuous and agile java coder. I started coding when I was 17, moving 3D plots in assembly programming language and quickly had a kick for java.

I am now a Java programmer with more than 12 years of experience. I also use linux on a daily basis. During these years I programmed a lot of applications for my students : lots of classic video games (pacman, space invader, tetris, break out and so on) as games are a pretty good way to motivate students and offer a vast number of IT fields to explore (UI, design, architecture, sound, animation, etc.). I also wrote some management applications for some companies, web apps and standalone apps.

I recently began using Apache click as a web framework and using JPA as an ORM abstraction layer (mostly for hibernate).

I am now keen on Android. I love those open tiny machines and the power of google's API. Mobile programming in java, a programmatic interface for a Linux kernel, that's a real heaven. :)


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Senior Android Developer
Groupon Canada

Juli 2014

  • Optimizing performances of the Groupon Android application
  • Evangelizing good practices (testing, mocking, design, etc.)
  • participating in CI enhancement and maintenance
  • Research and Development + participating to international conferences (DroidCon Paris, Montreal Android User Group, Andev con)
  • to be continued..

I started this job a few months ago and the list of my task will grow for sure in the next few months.

Groupon is a very stimulating work environment. (No one asked me to do say so..I think it is)

Android/Java programmer and consultant
OCTO Technology

Mai 2012–Juni 2014

Mostly Android programming.

Design software architecture, code, technical lead, of a few Android apps in the fields of Insurance, Banking apps on french market.

  • In charge of Android CI server (Jenkins + Android + GenyMotion + sonarQube).
  • Expert in Code Quality and Android tooling : maven and gradle builds.
  • Expert in testability, testing tools, code coverage, reporting.
  • Expert in Android multi-tasking and networking.

I use advanced software design & coding techniques to create industrial applications for major clients (e.g. banks, insurances) on the Android Platform. I focus on code quality, robustness, testability, performance and security and I am in charge of the CI infrastructure on Android.

I quickly became a technical leader on the Android platform at OCTO. OCTO Technology is a stimulating work environment and a community of skillful software designers, agilists and programmers.

Java Platform Mobile Programmer


The very first version of the Deezer application was designed to work on J2ME and Android. Though, this framework quickly leveled down the application on Android, it was an opportunity to begin Android in a professional environment.

I was : * Android developer * software designer * evangelizing good practices like testing, mocking, get a cleaner design. * in charge of Deezer music player's SDK design and implementation * started to work on CI

Independant Android Programmer


Design, develop, publish, maintain and enhance a nice app for Android Market : [Cinemadroid][1]. Cinemadroid serves movie showtimes in more than a dozen countries, it's super fast and simple to use.

The app includes : a client android app, 4 redondant servers, 3 databases (2 mysql, 1 sqlite), 8 tables, 61 classes, 13 000 lines of java / xml code, relatively complex algorithms, quite a few design patterns. Knowledge of Android SDK, LVL, alternative markets and different ad solutions.


Programming Teacher
Cégep de St Foy, Québec, Canada


  • Prepare courses on Object Oriented Programming.
  • Elaborate tutorials, slides, programming examples, home works,
  • Correct evaluation.
  • Lead programming projects with students.

Courses were focused on programming techniques and skills, and well-known software design principles.

Lots of video games programming ( game classics : pacman, tetris, space invader, break out, etc...). I designed and implemented one new game per quarter at that time. This pedagogical approach paid back and students were very often highly motivated by these homeworks.

I also prepared and gave courses oriented toward companies. I gave an entire course on Java and Object oriented design principles for engineers that were an insurance company and a company in the business of electronic document conservation.

NLP Researcher


Contribute to a NLP application designed to draw automatic 3D animations from texts and prototype a search engine including semantic disambiguation.

The work I did for Cognimage was mostly based on an extension of my master's thesis researches on Natural Language Processing and knowledge management.

I didn't work for a very long time for this company as it moved to another city a few months after hiring me and I couldn't follow it.

Project InCharge
Geekcorps Mali


Build and maintain a university network using affordable wireless technology to link Bamako University network campuses.

My tasks involved : * Giving formation * Installing and configuring hardware like routers, computers * Plan and implement the networking routes of the university network * Work with local partners to promote fair use and stability of the network * develop affordable Internet related technologies

This job was a bit far from my formation of software developer but it gave me the opportunity to work in Africa with local partners, and to discover the universe of international development working for a USAID funded american NGO.

Educative Project Supervisor abroad
Canada World Youth


Supervise non-formal educative projects in an intercultural environment. Africa, South America and Asia.

Though this job was not related to IT, it was a good opportunity to travel and discover other cultures and work in an intercultural environment.

I was : * in charge of a group of students * in charge of pedagogical planning (result based management) * in charge of the budget of the projects (accounting)

Java Teacher
University Laval, Québec, Canada


Prepare advanced courses on Java technologies (RMI, JDBC / ORM, GUIs, Multi-Threading, Networking, etc)

  • Prepare courses on Object Oriented Programming.
  • Elaborate tutorials, slides, programming examples, home works,
  • Correct evaluation.
  • Lead programming projects with students.

Courses were focused on programming techniques and skills, and well-known software design principles.

Lots of video games programming ( game classics : pacman, tetris, space invader, break out, etc...). I designed and implemented one new game per quarter at that time. This pedagogical approach paid back and students were very often highly motivated by these homeworks.

I received 4 prizes for the quality of my teachings.

Alta-Informatique, France


Contribute to software architecture and fully participate in development and maintenance of a big Java application for a reknown french insurance company.

The app featured hundreds of classes, automatic upgrades, reusable components, etc.

I was : * a Java developer * a software designer

This project was in the late 90's, at that time there was no tests or Continuous Integration, just good practices and known design patterns emerging. Quality tools were not yet available.

This work allowed me to discover Java, since then I never stopped programming in Java..

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Master Thesis in Computer Science
Université Laval Québec


Sesei : A prototype for a semantic search engine based on Natural Language Processing and Conceptual Graphs.

Licence Mathématiques Fondamentales
Université Orsay Paris XI


Love for algebra, somewhat good maths, so useful for coding video games :) I still like to program some heavy math from times to times. Last one, last year, was a FFT (fast fourrier transform) visualization to understand how mp3s are done.

Université Orsay Paris XI


Interest in science at large, studied physics, chemistry, maths and IT. I am still interested in science. I recently contributed to a science show on radio to explain basic science principles and scientific news. I started programming some demo animations in asm during this time.. I am old, you see !

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GitHub, Jan 2013 - Dez 2015; 1042 Follower; 173mal geforkt

This is an Android sample app + tests that will be used to work on various project to increase the quality of the Android platform. Android programming is still in its infancy compared to the Java world. The Android community needs more robustness in Android apps and it looks like

Co-author with Jerome Van Der Linden, and main contributor.

This project as been presented during DroidCon London 2013 and Devoxx Paris 2013 and DroidCon Paris 2013.

GitHub, Sep 2013 - Mrz 2014; 210 Follower; 13mal geforkt

BoundBox provides an easy way to test an object by accessing all its fields, constructor and methods, public or not. BoundBox breaks encapsulation.

Main author and contributor.

I designed the whole library and implemented it. This is my first Annotation processor in Java.

This library has been presented at DroidCon London 2013.

GitHub, Mrz 2013 - Jan 2014

Android Maven Plugin


I added :

  • Android lint integration
  • monkey & monkey runner support
  • UI Automator support (with automatic screen capture when test fail)
  • I enhanced testing with the plugin and some other minor features.

GitHub, Okt 2012 - Okt 2015

Google Guice on Android, version 2.0

I added a few features to RoboGuice :

  • better injection in views
  • I recently (2014) worked on a large optimization project that also involved patching Guice itself. 2-3 PR allowed to decrease start up time of RoboGuice and CPU and memory requirements at startup.
  • my last contribution is an annotation processor that allows to perform feature flipping on RoboGuice depending on which features of RoboGuice a given project actually really uses.

GitHub, Sep 2012 - Okt 2014; 210 Follower; 52mal geforkt

RoboDemo is a ShowCase library for Android to demonstrate to users how a given Activity works.

Main author and contributor.

Google Code, ; 2 Follower

provide a better, nicer charting solution for apache click.

Creator / Maintainer

Google Code, ; 2 Follower

Ease the way to provide several versions of your application (free/commercial)

Main Contributor with Vincent Prat.

GitHub, Jun 2012; 2 Follower

This fork aims to generalize Coverage and ITCoverage. Up to now Coverage is modular and can be implemented by many plugins like cobertura, clover, emma, jacoco, etc. But IT Coverage can only be achived by Jacoco IT plugin. This fork aims to extend the coverage mechanism to IT coverage so that many modules can be used to run integration tests.

Allow to select integration tests code coverage, that feature was needed on Android and is now merged in sonar.

I also assisted Jerome Van Der Linden with an Android Lint integration with sonar to report violation on Android projects dashboards.

GitHub, Okt 2012; 3 Follower

A sample to demonstrate that a mixed life cycle service (both started and bound) is buggy. Built for a common guy ;)

Author of the project. A demonstration of Android Life Services various life cycles. Available on Google Play.

GitHub, Mai 2014 - Aug 2014

Maven plugin that will apply Javassist bytecode transformations during build time.

Unification of this plugin and the gradle javassist plugin. A few bug fixes and improvements.

GitHub, Jun 2014 - Aug 2014; 16 Follower; 2mal geforkt

Mimicing is, indeed, kind of way to bypass java single inheritance paradigm. It allows to copy all declared fields, constructors and methods in a given class into another class.

Main author of the project. Somewhat an implementation of scala traits in Java, a fun experiment to bypass single inheritance...

GitHub, Jun 2014 - Aug 2014; 53 Follower; 6mal geforkt

A library to help other librairies getting rid of boiler plate via byte code manipulation. Works on Android too.

Main author of this fluent API for byte code weaving on Java/Android.

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The Official App for

Senior Android Developer

L’INDISPENSABLE POUR VOTRE BANQUE MOBILE :• toutes vos opérations à venir et sur les 3 derniers mois,Astuce sur mobile : tournez votre mobile et les graphiques apparaissent pour…

Code, Software Design, Optimisation / multitasking, CI, testing, debugging.

Une application gratuite réservée aux clients de MAAF Assurances pour stocker et protéger leurs documents administratifs (factures, bulletins de salaire...) et personnels (photos, vidéos...) et les emporter partout avec eux.

I co-developed the app with Mickael Morier. We both tested and implemented it.

Avec l’application gratuite Cetelem retrouvez, où que vous soyez, les offres et services que vous propose Cetelem en matière de crédits, d’épargne, d’assurance et de cartes.

In a team of 5 I participated to the design, implemenation and continuous integration setup.

Super snappy movie times finder. US Canada India UK Èire France 中国 한국 .. The fastest way to find movies showtimes in your local area. Cinemadroid Free is super snappy...

Super Wooper Coder, Development Admiral in Chief

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Sesei : A conceptual graph based filter for Internet Search Engines

Google Livres

The book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Conceptual Structures, ICCS 2003, held in Dresden, Germany in July 2003.The 23… My first scientific article inside ! :)

OCTO talks ! » Android :: les UI complexes

Le blog d'OCTO Technology, cabinet d'architectes en systèmes d'information


Head First Design Patterns

Head First Design Patterns

Elisabeth Freeman, Eric Freeman, Bert Bates, Kathy Sierra

Java: How to Program, 8th Edition


How to Program, 8th Edition

Harvey M. Deitel, Paul J. Deitel


Amstrad CPC 64

Eclipse ADT (Emacs still in my heart ...)