Richard Everett

Senior Software Developer (contract)
Trayport, London
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Creative, product-focussed software developer, specialising in UX design, continuous delivery, and agile practices.

I like to be busy solving tough and tricky problems during the day, and after-hours I expand my knowledge via various side-projects. Most recently I've been working on a free desktop notification app for the Nest Learning Thermostat.

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Senior Software Developer (contract)
Trayport, London

Mai 2015–Aktuell

A second contract with Trayport. Working on a regulatory reporting website which features a fully-documented API that allows programmatic access to key reporting features.

Senior Software Developer (contract, remote)
IMD Business School, Lausanne Switzerland

Juli 2013–Mai 2015

Introduced Continuous Integration/Delivery to the organisation using TeamCity and Octopus Deploy to build, test and deploy 20+ websites and services. Production releases are now fun, fast and frequent!

Implemented .NET SSO solution using OpenAM. Our users now have a seamless authentication experience across multiple websites.

Established a pattern (based on PageObject) for Selenium-based website tests, allowing other team members to create tests that are solid and reliable.

Mentored other remote and offshore developers.

Working remotely, with regular trips to client site in Switzerland.

Senior Software Developer (contract)
Trayport, London

Oktober 2012–Juli 2013

Senior Developer on Trayport’s pre-trade risk Energy Market Access Gateway (EMAG) product.

Worked alongside the permanent team lead to mentor and coach team members in Agile and TDD practices, acting as Scrum Master when required.

Implemented a framework for automated UI testing of EMAG using NUnit and Selenium.

Re-wrote deployment scripts using PowerShell.

Senior Software Developer (contract)
Gazprom Marketing and Trading, London

März 2012–Oktober 2012

Lead Developer on a green-field application that processes EDIFACT messages, enabling Gazprom to enter the Dutch gas retail energy market. The EDIFACT parser was written using strict TDD. Requirements were refined by close collaboration with the internal users of the system.

Created a mock of a third-party system’s REST API to facilitate automated and interactive testing. It has a WCF endpoint, used by automated tests, and a web front end that enables emulation of all endpoints and error states of the API.

Mentored other developers and testers within the team.

Senior Developer, Associate Director
UBS Investment Bank, London

Mai 2010–März 2012

Lead developer on Global PrimeAccess, a client-facing hedge fund reporting application that had significant legacy issues. Developing new and supporting existing functionality, migrating the site from Classic ASP and WebForms to ASP.NET MVC. Implemented a performance profiling framework to allow intermittent performance issues to be analysed and fixed. Recruited and ran small team of outsourced offshore developers (India and Ukraine). Principal technical liaison with internal clients. Held daily stand-up meetings.

Transitioned to senior developer on UBS Neo, on-boarding US-based developers. Worked with internal users and creative design teams.

Software Architect Limited, London

November 2007–April 2010

Lead developer in Rapid Prototyping Group, developing innovative public-facing websites including Best Fare Finder and Train & Hotel. Worked with the internal commercial team to define and refine requirements.

Used WebTrends analytics to profile user activity and guide UI rework to improve user conversion rates.

As part of the cross-project architecture team, worked with offshore teams to standardise documentation for reusable internal services

Associate Principal Consultant
Avanade, London

März 2007–November 2007

Managed a team of eight developers reverse-engineering and updating a retail client's legacy Customer Services Application, adding integration with Commerce Server 2007. Helped remove blockers between four development teams and the core Commerce Server team.

Travel break

Oktober 2006–Februar 2007

Moved from California back to the UK

Project Lead, Technical Product Specialist
Tadpole Technology, Edinburgh, UK & Carlsbad California, USA

Oktober 2000–Oktober 2006

Senior developer, project management and pre-sales role for GIS software vendor. Took internal transfer to California office in 2004.

Worked with national mapping agencies and utility companies, typically replacing paper-based processes with bespoke Tablet PC solutions. Ran paper prototyping sessions with users. Used an iterative, embryonic agile approach to development and delivery.

Lead developer on MobileMatriX, a joint project with Leica Geosystems to revolutionise data capture from GPS and Total Station surveying instruments.

Represented company at many trade shows in Europe and the US.

(UK division now owned by ESRI UK, USA division now known as TC Technology)

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BSc (hons) Cybernetics and Control Engineering (2:2)
Reading University, UK

Final project (telepresence vehicle with robotic manipulator) awarded department prize for best automation-related project.


Certified ScrumMaster (Scrum Alliance #000107068)


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GitHub, Aug 2011 - Jul 2014; 4 Follower

A planning poker app for Android

Designed and implemented

GitHub, Dez 2013 – Aktuell

A website that tells you how much of the year you spend commuting in the dark.

GitHub, Sep 2014; 3 Follower

Easy-to-use .NET wrapper for the official Nest API.

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A free Windows desktop app that keeps you connected to your Nest Learning Thermostat™ and Nest Protect™ devices when you're at your PC.

Designed, implemented, and promoted on Twitter

Ever wonder how much longer you'll be commuting in the dark?

Designed and implemented. Fully responsive (via Bootstrap), lots of TDD and timezones.

Ranking my Facebook friends (or yours!) heuristically...which ones are best, and which ones are not?

Designed and implemented.

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Commodore 64

Visual Studio (with ReSharper & NCrunch)


Frequent scuba diver and instructor with London Hellfins diving club, an occasional cyclist and an annual skier.