Renan Birck Pinheiro

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Chip Inside Engenharia e Tecnologia
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I got started by playing around with a few programming languages, but never got too deep into them until recently. I regret doing this; wish I had discovered this sooner.

With me you will find someone interested in solutions for real-world problems and in developing practical applications which make a real difference (as opposed to just filling a nice "papers I have published" list).


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Undergraduate Researcher
Universidade Federal de Santa Maria

Juni 2010–September 2012

Used Python + NumPy + SciPy and some MATLAB to write a framework for analog circuit design and optimization using evolutionary algorithms and to solve engineering problems.

Rewrote FORTRAN code into MATLAB code and MATLAB code into Pythn code.

Used LaTeX to write conference papers.

Embedded Developer
Chip Inside Engenharia e Tecnologia

Oktober 2012–Aktuell

Development of libraries for working with the MSP430 microcontroller. Working currently on a device driver framework for the device.


B. S. Electrical Engineering [in progress]
Federal University of Santa Maria


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Generic 386 PC

Whatever's available (except maybe for Emacs and Notepad).