Andrey "Rarst" Savchenko

Contributing WordPress developer at Yoastund WordPress contractorund Community Moderator at WordPress Stack Exchange
Zuletzt bei Stack Overflow angesehen am 30. Jan

Problem solver and workflow optimizer by nature, computer techie by choice of tools for it.

Long time WordPress blogger by hobby and professional developer by current occupation.


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Contributing WordPress developer

Januar 2015–Aktuell

Works on Composer integration, performance, and code quality in free and premium plugins by team Yoast.

WordPress contractor

Oktober 2012–Aktuell

Specialized in cooperation with other developers on complex code projects.

Community Moderator
WordPress Stack Exchange

März 2011–Aktuell

Volunteer moderator, elected for the role by site's community.

WordPress Developer
New Clarity

Februar 2011–Oktober 2012

  • implemented faceted search backend for complex environment:
    • post types
    • taxonomies
    • relations
    • custom relevance requirements
  • implemented content export to Microsoft Office DOCX
    • custom user interface in admin area
    • interface driven selection and ordering of content
    • customizable Word templates
  • perform general development and light sysadmin tasks


Software Development course
"Step" Computer Academy


Diploma project "Spam filtering extension for WordPress CMS", received mark 11/12 (excellent).

Specialist, Automation of Technical Processes
National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"


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GitHub, Mrz 2014 - Aug 2015; 56 Follower; 4mal geforkt

WordPress plugin for partial and async caching of heavy front-end elements.

Creator and developer.

GitHub, Mai 2014 - Aug 2015; 49 Follower; 4mal geforkt

Light WordPress profiler.

Creator and developer.

GitHub, Mrz 2014 - Apr 2015; 41 Follower; 2mal geforkt

Meadow is a theme templating solution, aiming to find a balance between native WordPress concepts and power of Twig dedicated templating language.

Creator and developer.

GitHub, Jun 2014; 25 Follower

Update Blocker is a lightweight generic blocker of plugin and theme updates from official WordPress repositories.

Creator and developer.

GitHub, Dez 2014 - Mrz 2015; 24 Follower; 2mal geforkt

Standalone HTTP client for public API.

Creator and developer.

Apps & Software Alle anzeigen

Online reference for WordPress functions (with classes and hooks upcoming in the future).

Creator and developer.

Unofficial companion to Composer documentation for WordPress developers.

Creator, developer, content author.

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Leaving WordPress plugin repository

Long term overview of issues with hosting plugins in official WordPress repository.

Make sense of WordPress excerpts and teasers

Clearing up nuances of implementation and terminology for WordPress excerpt and teaser functionality.

Asymmetrical WordPress loops

Tutorial on how to easily split WordPress loops for different markup in same set of posts.

WordPress community by the numbers

Processing and visualizing WordPress developer survey results.

Optimizing Freeware Genius blog performance

Case study for performance optimization of popular blog on freeware, running on WordPress.

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Professional WordPress Plugin Development

Professional WordPress Plugin Development

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