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Piotr Szmyd

Warsaw, Poland

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Derzeit Orchard Consultant bei Axess ASund Independent Consultant bei OneStopund Co-founder / Lead Developer bei Proligence Sp. z o.o..

.NET dev / Orchard Professional / Geek and self-made entrepreneur

Co-founder & CTO of Proligence sp. z o.o.

Twitter: @pszmyd, LinkedIn: pszmyd


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Orchard Consultant, Axess AS

August 2012 - Aktuell

Responsible for architecture and development of Orchard-based applications.

Independent Consultant, OneStop

Oktober 2011 - Aktuell

Performing .NET engineering services for the company.

Co-founder / Lead Developer, Proligence Sp. z o.o.

Juni 2010 - Aktuell

Lead Developer, Kurs Sikory

Juli 2006 - 2010

Web Developer / Designer, Mondial Assistance Sp. z o.o.

März 2010 - März 2011

Web Developer / Designer, Kurs Sikory s.c.

März 2003 - Juni 2006

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MD, Akademia Medyczna w Warszawie

2003 - 2013

BSc, Uniwersytet Warszawski

2007 - 2011


MCTS: .NET Framework 3.5, ASP.NET Applications

MCTS: SQL Server 2008, Database Development

MCPD: .NET Framework 3.5, Web Applications

MCITP: Database Developer 2008

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Infiltrator - code profiler module for Orchard

CodePlex, Mrz 2012; 3 Follower

Infiltrator is a simple profiler for Orchard, built as a module.

Orchard Content Sharing

CodePlex, Feb 2011; 7 Follower; 4mal geforkt

This Orchard module adds content sharing functionality via integration with sharing service.

Orchard Jumpstart

CodePlex, Feb 2011; 28 Follower

A jumpstart Orchard module, implementing basic module functionality. Created to make Orchard module creation a bit quicker:)

Orchard Code Generation Extensions

CodePlex, Mrz 2012; 4 Follower

Code Generation Extensions module for Orchard.

Proligence Orchard PowerShell

CodePlex, ; 8 Follower

Microsoft PowerShell management console for Orchard.


GitHub, Mrz 2012 - Dez 2012; 13 Follower; 6mal geforkt

SignalR dependency resolver binding to Autofac

Created this library to allow using Autofac as a SignalR dependency resolver.

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John Varvatos - Designer Apparel, Shoes, Accessories & More

John Varvatos offers the highest quality and modern men’s clothing, shoes, accessories, bags and fragrances. Shop the latest collections online.

Core Developer

Spy Optic

We make incredible products that allow you to see clearer, look cooler, perform better and be more comfortable while doing the things that make you feel most alive. We are committed to making the highest quality, most functional, best-looking eyewear on earth.

Core Developer

Welcome to! Huge selection of sex toys, games for couples, vibrators, lubes and a variety of adult toys of from brands you love and trust.

Responsible for implementing navigation features and integration with existing store UI.

Online examination platform, targeted at Polish medical and law professionals preparing for licensing exams.

Lead Front-end Developer

Discussion board search engine. Currenlty in beta stage.

Lead Developer

AdNews24 - Welcome to AdNews24

Specjalnie dla Ciebie przygotowaliśmy serwis informacyjny, dzięki któremu prowadzenie sklepu czy restauracji stanie się łatwiejsze, a promocje przełożą się na wymierne zyski.

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Upgrading Orchard and security exceptions

Thoughts on .NET & Orchard

Tags:orchard, security, upgrade, english

Wrapping up content item zones in custom markup

Thoughts on .NET & Orchard

When it comes to rendering a given content item, Orchard splits it in a couple of zones, like Header, Content and Footer. The markup produced by each of the parts…

Wiring SignalR with Autofac

Thoughts on .NET & Orchard

How to wire SignalR with Autofac dependency injection container.

Most useful Orchard extension points

Thoughts on .NET & Orchard

Description of the most useful Orchard extension points you can make use of when developing custom Orchard-based apps.

Customizing Orchard shapes

Thoughts on .NET & Orchard

Short tutorial about how to customize your Orchard shapes.


Commodore 64

Visual Studio 2013