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Piotr Kula

Macclesfield, United Kingdom

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Derzeit Lead Developer bei Silkmoth LTD.

I am a Certified Microsoft Professional and a self motivated Electronics Engineer. I enjoy coding in C# and I am passionate about my role as a .NET Software Developer. I like to take on new challenges and I am continuously progressing with my education.


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Lead Developer, Silkmoth LTD

Oktober 2012 - Aktuell

  • Software and web application development

Primary project

Project Website -

Buy Tyres in Macclesfied -

Azure based, database driven, website delivery solution. We created a single framework for Tyre fitting centres where people can browse and buy tyres. Fully integrated back end ordering into legacy systems. Impressive SEO techniques help these sites sit in high natural positions without spending a penny on adwords.

It has been estimated that by the end of 2013 we should have 500,000 page views a month, from ~2000 domains using just 1 SQL database and 2 Medium instances (in different datacenters for 99.9% uptime) delivered using C# MVC 4.5.

This by far is the most interesting project I worked on for years! I completely enjoyed the freedom to explore and use latest technologies from Microsoft - Which did not let us down!

Other completed projects

Software Developer, Club2000

März 2011 - Oktober 2012

  • Market leaders in British and Irish IT applications for the Golf community.


Greenfield development for database driven websites for Golf Clubs and booking integration.

Some greenfield framework engineering based on Azure and MVC.NET for complete redisgn of Golf Club management and player input software that runs anywhere and anytime.

Some brownfield development based on older version of .NET, VB6 and VB5.

3rd line support


März 2010 - Februar 2011

I have acquired great experience from this venture. It was an attempt for a self funded start up business in Data Recovery

I spent most of my time working to reverse engineer hard drive firmware and technologies. Such information could be traded with other professionals of the world and that is what makes a data recovery professional very successful. I also successfully recovered data for many clients.

I have mostly gained allot of experience in electrical engineering but it has also made me understand how to develop better software to use the full potential of computer systems.

I think this experience gives me a unique point of view of working with software. The biggest benefit is the understanding of what can fail in electronics and implement fail safes in my software.

Eventually I realised that my interest in software development was greater than engineering - I sold the business and continued my education with Microsoft.

Senior Workshop Technician and B2B Consultant, Tecnikk Computers

Oktober 2008 - Januar 2011

IT consulting and server administration in UK.

Website management and development in .NET and PHP

Administrator, Arighi Bianchi

Februar 2008 - September 2008

Office Work

Mainly data input and customer service.


Januar 2007 - Oktober 2007

IT Consulting in South Africa.

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BCOM - Informatics, University of Pretoria / Universiteit van Pretoria

2003 - 2006

Informatics studies the application and use of the computer and information systems within the organization. Involves the studies in the broad background of the economic and management sciences.

The use of information technology by organizations is growing exponentially. New, more complex and much more challenging applications are explored and developed on a daily basis.

This course majored in .NET and JAVA but extended with modules in:

  • Applied mathematics
  • Statistical sciences
  • Financial accounting
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  • Commercial law
  • Ethics
  • Communication management


Microsoft Certified Solution Developer - Web Applications


Microsoft Professional Developer - .NET 3.5

2011 - 2012

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist

2008 - 2012

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IBM XT 4mhz with Turbo button, 20MB 5.25" HDD and 360KB Floppy Drive!

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