Patrick Carroll

Software Development Engineer
  • Seattle, Washington United States
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I've interned at both Google and Microsoft a combined total of five times. I currently work Google on Gmail Offline. I don't plan to quit in the near future, but the right offer might encourage me to do so.


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Software Development Engineer

Juni 2010–Oktober 2011

Improving Gmail Offline. Maintaining mobile mail sync code. Launched the new Gmail Offline.

Software Developer

Januar 2009–Juni 2010

Fixed bugs in NTFS. Kernel level debugging of NTFS and NT.

Software Engineer Intern

Juni 2008–September 2008

Designed and implemented a web project using Java servlets and a proprietary database and template system. Also wrote rootkit detection software for Linux as a 20% project.

Software Engineer in Test Intern

Juni 2007–September 2007

Designed and wrote a static JavaScript analysis tool in Python for Google Desktop.

Developer Tester Intern

Juni 2006–September 2006

Modified an existing tool to integrate new anti-phishing code from IE7 and MSNToolbar. Heavy use of COM and native Windows APIs.

Developer Tester Intern

Juni 2005–August 2005

Designed, developed and tested computer program to test the security of Microsoft Exchange’s implementation of state machine email protocols.

Developer Tester Intern
June 2004 to Sep 2004

Juni 2004–September 2004

Designed, developed and tested computer program to alter security settings on mail boxes on Exchange servers. Also built Exchange 2003 multi-server topology and tested the National Security Agency's security templates.

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B.S. Computer Engineering
University of Washington


Wrote a 3d accelerating video card in Verilog in one quarter.

Designed and help implement a procedural texture generation engine for Software Engineering in a group of six people.

TAed Programming Languages twice, learning and teaching a lot about functional, object oriented and constraint based programming.

TAed Operating Systems under Mark Zbikowski and Gary Kimura, gaining an appreciation for both the NT and Linux kernels, as well as being able to compare and contrast the decisions made in both.

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Leading Edge 8086 IBM Compatible



Projekte und Links

Participated in ICFP Programming Contests 2006-2011, building 2 VMs and a large body of threaded code.

Literally found the coin Mystery Hunt 2010. It's a funny story.