Tomasz Nurkiewicz

Java software engineer
Kezzler AS, Oslo, Norway
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Beside developing, I strongly believe in the power of testing the software. Also I claim that a test not run automatically upon every change introduced to the codebase is not worth writing. Finally, along with a bugfix there should always be a test proving the fix works. This is how I am trying to work every day.

My main focus of interest is on the server-side, after writing a piece of software I love monitoring it, searching for undesired behaviour and visualizing data.

Although I consider myself Java professional I am actively looking for a different tool in my toolbox.


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Java software engineer
Kezzler AS, Oslo, Norway

Dezember 2010–August 2013

  • Designed and implemented high-performance asynchronous binary socket server based on netty
  • Increased code-coverage of existing application by an order of magnitude. Introduced acceptance tests
  • Developed a set of OLAP data-mining tools (Mondrian and Saiku)
  • Migrated to JAXB to reduce web-service related code base by 25%

Senior Java Developer
JAVART Sp. z o.o.

September 2009–November 2010

  • Created a set of monitoring tools and dashboards to speed up troubleshooting production problems
  • Taken active part in small and large scale estimating
  • Written technical documentation
  • Given several internal talks, presentations and workshops
  • Deployed Sonar code quality platform across all projects in the company

Java EE Developer
JAVART Sp. z o.o.

Oktober 2007–August 2009

  • Active role in migrating large legacy intranet application to Spring framework
  • Developed wide range of software from message-oriented-middleware through business process modeling to customer-facing web application
  • Performed code review
  • Encouraged team members to eagerly use issue tracking and versioning to better plan deployments and bug-fixing

Intern at Research And Development Center
ComArch S.A.

Juli 2007–September 2007

  • Designed and implemented a set of key performance indicators inside an existing application
  • Chosen for a team leader

C++/Java developer (remotely)
Wigro-Więch Real Estate

November 2006–März 2008

  • Maintained existing C++ desktop client
  • Developed master-master database replication system


M. Sc. Eng. Information Technology
Warsaw University of Technology


  • Graduated with honors


Sun Certified Business Component Developer (CX-310-091)


Sun Certified Web Component Developer (CX-310-083)


Sun Certified Java Developer (CX-310-252A)


Sun Certified Java Programmer (CX-310-065)


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GitHub, Mrz 2011 - Dez 2013; 53 Follower; 15mal geforkt

Tenfold increase in server throughput with Servlet 3.0 asynchronous processing

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