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Jose Luis Ayerdis Espinoza

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Derzeit Android Engineer bei Klutchund Consultant Web and mobile developer in Android and IOS bei World Relief.

I'm a proudly an open source developer who enjoy spending time programming and help others to do so. That's why i really like StackExchange solutions for answer and asking questions. i would like to develop in a more readable world, unfortunately none of us has the source code .... and the API is poorly documented, I can't always get what I want but if I keep working I get what I need.

I have been working with Java since I was 18 and php when I was 15...I love to do research and I had the chance to participate in several scientific fairs where I won prizes for the quality of my projects. Also, I can speak fluently German, English and Spanish. I'm looking forward to learn one more :)

Quote that i most like: "Do not be evil"


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Android Engineer, Klutch

Juni 2014 - Aktuell

Design and build advanced applications for the Android platform. Continuously discover, evaluate, and implement new technologies to maximize development and collaborate with the teams to define, design, and ship new features and worked closely with other teams. Help architect, build, iterate and manage the android mobile application. Ensure good software design practices, and participate in the architecture strategy.

Mobile IT Developer in Android,

2012 - Juli 2013

Maintained and enhanced Android application that have millions of users in different languages. Ensure to build an Android application that can be widely accepted. Work with team members on integration Develop new and existing current android applications features four our Android applications that have for millions of users.

I give opinions, ideas and propose new implementation in order to improve the performance of the applications.Also, I test, debug android applications.

I am Self-motivated to explore new technologies that I can apply to improve the applications. Therefore, I research and apply changes that can improve the application.


Juli 2013 - Juni 2014

Co-founder of Atech ( an amazing team that creates beautiful mobile applications across from different platforms. Our team has the experience, knowledge and works following the industry standards to delivery awesome applications.

Our goal is to develop an application suitable to your needs and expectations, that shows a solid foundation offering you the right solution to your problem.

I lead the development of mobile applications for business. We are oriented in helping and give back to the community. That's why we created an android application for bar and restaurant. A POS that want to help small and medium size business

Consultant Web and mobile developer in Android and IOS , World Relief

August 2010 - Aktuell

Developing Android and IOS application architecture for Enterprise Resource Planning by consuming SOAP and REST resources. Developing with .NET 4, Visual Studio 2010, SQL server 2008, Entity Framework v4, ExtJS for Software ERP. Work with Service Oriented Architecture using WCF and Unit Testing Development.

Collaborate in the design and programming the ERP where I have to collaborate with the team and work independently. Do research in how to improve the process and performance.

Give opinions, ideas and propose new implementation in order to improve the performance of the applications.

Software Engineer, GoPangea

Februar 2014 - Mai 2014

Support Android applications and other operations. Ensure to build an Android application that can be widely accepted. Support other operations in Pangea Payments. Help architect, build, iterate and manage the android mobile application. Influence every aspect of the Android development process from creation to design. Also, ensure adherence to defined development life cycle, good software design practices, and Architecture strategy.

Mobile Consultant Senior Developer, GueGue Comunicaciones

Juli 2011 - Dezember 2011

I have several responsibilities which can be summarized on the following: As an Android developer I was expected to work on software architecture, design and implement most of the parts of the project. Also work and collaborate on the design of client interface, business logic and propose the data layers. Also, I have to work with best practice, processes and standards recommended.

Developing Mobile Android Application that work mainly with REST architecture WS calling, and interacting with JSON/XML responses.

Developing mobile application in Android platform, consuming WS REST with JSON and XML Format.

Test, debug android applications.

Development, test and debug the android and/or components designed Web development and Django web application developing with ecommerce capabilities.

Training and give conferences in mobile applications with Android. Collaborate with other members of the team in solving problems and give technical support to the applications.

Applications on the Android Market with this company: in charge only of the statistical graphics in charge of the whole development

Programmer and Analyst consultant, GbRND Research and Development

Oktober 2008 - Dezember 2008

Develop, support and maintain a Software called gbSuite for Facebook platform.Participate and actively work in the project development, building user interfaces. Prepare the tehcnical documentation. Communicate the projects issues, progress, sucesss and problems to the the projects's technical lead manager.

During this time I have to work with MySql 5.1, reports, SQLyog and maintaining and develop website features. Research and work in teams and independently. This project was a short term project where time constraints was the major challenge. I finished on time and give them support ocassionally to upgrade, improve or solve technical issues related to the application.

Web Programmer and Analyst consultant, TI-Consultores

April 2008 - Oktober 2008

Develop web application based on the standard ITIL. The project was oriented to create software for little and medium business. Most of the programming was using PHP, .NET, + DevExpress, Ajax Components, Visual Studio 2005, and MySql 5.1.

Maintain and enhance existing web applications as identified by the supervisor. Perform complete testing of the web application and report results.

Design and implement databases, interfaces and others. Successfully delivery of assigned application development tasks and projects in time constrains.

Offer positive contributions to the organization beyond the responsabilties. Coordinate effectively with the project, task and requirements with the teammates and the organization

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German as second language, Alianza Francesa

2006 - 2010

Learned German fluently, I can write,read, listen in German properly. As a part of my courses I learned some of the culture, customs and food. I hope someday I can go there and experienced everything by myself.

Computer System Engineering, National Engineering University UNI

2005 - 2011

  • Winner of the six national system science faculty fair organized by UNI 2006 in the section of management of information systems

  • Best programmer in the III National Computer Technology Fair organized by UNAN 2007.

  • Winner of the first national technical and scientific fair organized by UNI 2007 in the section of informatics application.

  • Winner of the first national technical and scientific fair organized by UNI 2007 in the section of management of information systems

  • Third place of the first national technical and scientific fair organized by UNI 2007 in the category of management of information systems.

  • Third place of the first national technical and scientific fair organized by UNI 2007 in the category of informatics applications.

  • Third place of the first national technical application fair organized by UNI 2007 in the category mathematical applications.

  • Third place of the first national technical application fair organized by UNI 2007 in the category of web information systems

  • Winner of the second national tehnical application fair organized by UNI 2008 in the category of informatics application.

  • Creating and maintaining a blog to explain programming techniques, latest news, discussion 2007 to promote computer science

Cisco certificate of completion, Centro Juvenil Don Bosco

2003 - 2004

Cisco networking concepts, switching and others. configuration of routers, ethernet interfaces, RIP protocol, monitor network traffic and others

Certificate in Internet Security, Universidad Nacional Autonoma Leon

2011 - 2011

Learned about web security techniques, stress-testing, sql injections. Find or scan for vulnerabilities and others.

Learned about the tools that are available to find exploits, use nmap, nessus, snort and others.

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GitHub, Aug 2011

Custom fork about the scrollable Task for an independant Android application, in order to have iPhone look And Feel of bottom tabbar and yellow Shade button on selected.

General modification and customization.


GitHub, Nov 2011; 30 Follower; 6mal geforkt

Repositorio para Aplicacion Eli-G Elecciones Nicaragua 2011

Develop the whole application which uses REST, twitter API, JSON


GitHub, Mai 2013

Countdown widget optimize for tablet

creator, developer and maintainer

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Pack your bags and get set for summer! We've got deals for over 310,000 properties in 180 countries for you to choose from. Start planning your perfect getaway now by installing…

maintaining, improving and testing android application used for millions and in different languages

Pozool POS is a free touch-screen solution designed for bar and restaurants. It has easy-to-use interfaces. This android application focus in point of sales for bars, buffets, and restaurants

creator, and maintainer.

La Prensa, Noticias de Nicaragua Aplicacion oficial de Android del periodico La Prensa de Nicaragua Esta aplicación permite revisar todas las noticias del dia rapidame...

I developed it

Eli-G te permite estar al tanto acerca de las elecciones 2011 en Nicaragua, a travez de filtros de redes sociales, noticias, y tendencias los cuales facilitan el consu...

I designed, developed and upload it to the Android Market

Official application of the Central Bank of Nicaragua, featuring and official indicators and publications

I just developed and designed the statistic graphics. The other parts were not developed for me.

Pozool Countdown bring the best holo experience into a widget countdown. Don't missed a single date when it comes to having a good reminder in your smartphone or tablet homescreen…

Developer and creator

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Hacking Android, LVL Cracking


A little bit of history you can Check Reto 14: Android crackme #2, it is an intersting publication where they challenge you to bypass LVL security on a developed APK; that was the perfect excuse for me to get to learn about decompile code in Android with practice, I mean I knew "How" but i theory never done it for myself, so thanks again to Hackerplayers for the challenge.

Como Fragmentar ExpandableListView


Sabias que la actual version de la Compatibility Library V4 no contiene una version para colocar

Learn to use Sherlock ActionBar on Android 2.x


Now that you have the library the next step "elementary my dear Watson" is to import this library to eclipse, So go to File>Import>Existing library search for your unzip…

Jugando con Android + Python


Me tomo un relax de algunas horas, para encontrar algo con que distraerme, y recorde la existencia de un proyecto que permitia usar Python para correr aplicacion Android…

5 lugares para desarrollo de aplicaciones Android


En MI experiencia en desarollo de aplicaciones Android ya sea por hobbie, falta de oficio, interes/curiosidad, etc. He encontrado muchos lugares (listas de correo,foros,…

Metodos Autenticados User Auth [Elgg RESTful API] parte 2


Bien como saben hace poco estuve escribiendo acerca de Elgg, y prometi una segunda entrega acerca de la autenticacion de metodos con verificacion de usuario, la cual es…

Android button enabled property is not deprecated!!


Keep an eye for this eclipse deprecated warning, or better yet don't pay any attention seems that in the latest ADT version enabled button state appears as deprecated…

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Java How to Program (4th Edition)

Java How to Program

Harvey M. Deitel, Paul J. Deitel

Spring in Action

Spring in Action

Craig Walls

Hibernate in Action (In Action series)

Hibernate in Action

Christian Bauer, Gavin King

Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship

Clean Code

A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship

Robert C. Martin


Packard Bell Pentium I



Individual is highly skill on OO and TDD, night coder and TV Drama show junkie (Castle, Mentalist, House MD, The mentalist). Do not disturb when he's sleep, more importantly do not annoy when he is programming.

Java, .NET, python and C, but lately most of the time on mobile programming Android and IOS.

A.K.A Gargyole Programmer Sentimental Status: Unavailable. Weapon of Choice: Macbook Pro + Indigo