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Demis Bellot

New York, NY, United States

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Derzeit C# and JavaScript Developer bei StackExchange.

Believe in Open Source, Getting Things Done, DRY, Performance and Scalability.

Contribute C# and JavaScript Open Source projects on GitHub.


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C# and JavaScript Developer, StackExchange

2011 - Aktuell

Developer at StackExchange primarily maintaining Careers back-office services with ServiceStack and Redis MQ messaging.

Financial IT Consultant, Digiterre

Oktober 2010 - Mai 2011

Financial Consultant developing and deploying ServiceStack-based solutions for Eon's Dynamics CRM and Man Investment SharePoint internal support systems.

Development lead and Technical Architect, Digital Distribution Networks (mFlow)

November 2008 - Juli 2010

In a highly agile environment I was hired by DDN to lead a talented team of developers in an ambitious greenfield project to architect and develop a media platform capable of serving millions of songs to millions of interactive users. Building on my web services framework (ServiceStack) we we're able to rapidly develop highly scalable and re-usable web services that were consumable by all of DDN's Flash, Ajax and Native QT/C++ clients with minimal effort.

Technical Architect, BBC Worldwide

Februar 2007 - November 2008

SOA Technical Architect leading 2 development teams in building and maintaining and loosely-coupling a number of internal systems and SOA web-services.


Bachelor of IT / Business, Northern Territory University

1997 - 2002

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GitHub, Feb 2011 – Aktuell; 2695 Follower; 1018mal geforkt

Code-first config/code-gen free REST,RPC,MQ+SOAP webservices for .NET/Mono

Creator and Lead Maintainer


GitHub, Feb 2011 – Aktuell; 599 Follower; 436mal geforkt

.NET's fastest JSON, JSV and CSV Text Serializers

Creator and Lead Maintainer


GitHub, Feb 2011 – Aktuell; 688 Follower; 396mal geforkt

The ServiceStack.Redis C# Client Library

Creator and Lead Maintainer


GitHub, Feb 2011 - Jun 2013; 241 Follower; 160mal geforkt

ServiceStack.NET OrmLite - Light, simple and fast convention-based POCO ORM

Creator and Lead Maintainer


GitHub, Feb 2012 – Aktuell; 222 Follower; 67mal geforkt

Compile & Minify Less/Sass/Css/JS/CoffeeScript files. Integrates with MVC and VS.NET

Creator and Lead Maintainer


GitHub, Feb 2011 - Okt 2014; 241 Follower; 222mal geforkt

Example Projects built with ServiceStack, C# RedisClient, OrmLite, etc

Creator and Lead Maintainer


GitHub, Okt 2012 - Aug 2014; 46 Follower; 83mal geforkt

Repository contains the projects with common use cases for ServiceStack.

Creator and Lead Maintainer


GitHub, Feb 2011 - Jan 2013; 62 Follower; 19mal geforkt

RedisAdminUI and XML, JSON, JSV and SOAP Web Service layer around Redis

Creator and Lead Maintainer


GitHub, Nov 2011 - Mrz 2014; 1389 Follower; 84mal geforkt

jQuery in Parts

Creator and Lead Maintainer


GitHub, Mrz 2011 - Sep 2013; 267 Follower; 28mal geforkt

Contain information and resources for building high-perf scalable systems in .NET

Creator and Lead Maintainer


GitHub, Feb 2011 - Okt 2013; 31 Follower; 51mal geforkt

Common, high-level libs and utils, not core to the framework but useful to its users

Creator and Lead Maintainer


GitHub, Feb 2011 - Okt 2013; 50 Follower; 45mal geforkt

Dependency and Implementation-free, abstract logging interface

Creator and Lead Maintainer


GitHub, Aug 2012 - Mai 2014; 35 Follower; 62mal geforkt

Showcase of Razor support in ServiceStack's REST-Services

Creator and Lead Maintainer


GitHub, Nov 2011 - Mrz 2014; 159 Follower; 115mal geforkt

Bootstrap C#/.NET template for creating high performance social enabled websites and apis

Creator and Lead Maintainer


GitHub, Feb 2011; 12 Follower; 9mal geforkt

ServiceStack examples with MonoTouch

Creator and Lead Maintainer


GitHub, Feb 2013; 3 Follower

A TOML Parser in Clojure

Creator and Lead Maintainer


GitHub, Mai 2012 – Aktuell; 57 Follower; 24mal geforkt

A high-performance async/non-blocking Redis client for Dart

Creator and Lead Maintainer


GitHub, Apr 2012 - Mai 2014; 29 Follower; 6mal geforkt

Underscore and Mixins for Dart

Creator and Lead Maintainer


GitHub, Mai 2012 - Sep 2014; 95 Follower; 11mal geforkt

A thin express-js inspired layer around Dart's primitive HttpServer APIs

Creator and Lead Maintainer


GitHub, Jun 2013 - Mai 2014; 27 Follower; 4mal geforkt

Port of node.js jade view engine for Dart

Creator and Lead Maintainer


GitHub, Apr 2012 - Okt 2014; 32 Follower; 17mal geforkt

JsonClient for Dart

Creator and Lead Maintainer


GitHub, Jun 2013 - Nov 2013; 15 Follower; 3mal geforkt

Solving Every Sudoku Puzzle by Peter Norvig in Dart, Python, C#, Ruby, CoffeeScript

Creator and Lead Maintainer


GitHub, Jun 2013 - Jun 2014; 34 Follower

C#'s 101 LINQ Samples translated to Dart

Creator and Lead Maintainer


GitHub, Jun 2013 - Nov 2014; 6 Follower; 2mal geforkt

Port of TypeScript's Ray Tracer to Dart

Creator and Lead Maintainer


GitHub, Jul 2013; 3 Follower

Node API shims to help with porting server apps to Dart

Creator and Lead Maintainer


GitHub, Jun 2013

Parse Dart one character at a time to look for snippets in Templates

Creator and Lead Maintainer


GitHub, Nov 2010 - Jan 2011; 5 Follower

ServiceStack examples with MonoTouch

Creator and Lead Maintainer

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A fast, convention-based, configuration-free

Creator and Lead Maintainer

iPocket Translator allows you to translate quickly and easily between 30 of the worlds most popular languages.

Creator and Lead Maintainer

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