Peter Mortensen

Software engineer
HMF Group A/S
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Strong analytical skills. Likes and excels in working with existing code (no rewrite-from-scratch urge!)


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Software engineer
HMF Group A/S

Dezember 2011–Aktuell

Development of user facing software for configuration of mobile cranes. Development and application of diagnostics systems for CANopen-based systems.

Software Engineer
University of Southern Denmark

2003–März 2010

Systems for highly interactive and automated processing of mass spectrometry data. Including parsing, recalibration, quantitation, exporting, visualisation, user customisable.

Senior Software Engineer
MDS Proteomics


Distributed computing. Search in molecular databased with mass spectromtry data.

Software Engineer


Software Engineer
EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany


YGT (Young Graduate Trainee)
ESA (European Space Agency), The Netherlands


Satellite ARISTOTELES: 1. Construction of system for optimal estimation of measurement values in presense of random and systematic error. 2. Improvement of control system for calibration devices. 3. Simulation of accelerometer performance.

University of Aalborg


Education of engineering students. Initial phases of the Denmark's first satellite: Ørsted.

Electronics engineer (IAESTE exchange student)
Queens University of Belfast

Juni 1990–August 1990

Integration of electronics for a training aid for athletes. Many discrete components of the existing design were replaced by a 68HC11 microprocessor and a PAL.

Software Engineer (IAESTE exchange student)
Irish Rail

Juli 1998–August 1998

Improved structure, fixed bugs and extended program for simulation of train runs. The results from the resulting program was used as input to a meeting about a new type of train runs between Dublin and Belfast. Prior to that, spend one week in the draft office...

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University of Aalborg


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Open Source


MSQuant is a tool for quantitative proteomics/mass spectrometry and processes spectra and LC runs to find quantitative information about proteins and peptides. Though automated it also allows manual inspection and change.


Controlling the play order for Creative MP3 players

Professional Engineering for the World

How to manually setup playlist for Creative MP3 players (and probably most other MP3 players support the M3U standard), without having to trust some third-party software.


What can I use to profile C++ code in Linux?

Stack Overflow

Mike Dunlavey's extremely simple and very effective performance optimisation method.


Sinclair ZX81



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