Michael Deck

  • Dallas, Texas United States
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I am software developer with experience across a range of technologies and roles. I have worked as a programmer, a consultant, a technical lead and a manager. Regardless of my position I most enjoy finding effective and elegant solutions to problems with both technical and business concerns.


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Mai 2013–Aktuell

  • Designed and developed multiple components of a web analytics and online advertising platform including a data collection server, optimization engine, REST API server and dashboard webapp.
  • Developed Google AdWords integration for managing digital advertising auctions.
  • Architected and managed all technical infrastructure using Amazon Web Services (EC2, RDS, SQS, SNS, CloudFront, S3, Route 53.)
  • Developed build and deployment automation tools using the AWS SDK.
  • Oversaw all non-technical business concerns including accounting, legal, marketing, HR and operations.

Development Manager

November 2010–April 2013

  • Lead internal software development team in both developing proprietary tools and products as well as delivering client-specific custom projects.
  • Developed Java code as a member of the team in addition to leadership and managerial duties.
  • Ultimately responsible for all architectural and design decisions across all technical projects.
  • Implemented new project delivery process based on agile/lean methodologies.
  • Collaborated with client IT teams to plan and implement integrations with existing systems.
  • Provided technical sales support for qualified prospects.
  • Assisted in developing proposals as well as providing custom tailored technical documentation for potential clients.
  • Responsible for recruiting and hiring new developers.

Senior Consultant
Improving Enterprises

Juli 2008–November 2010

Saber Airline Solutions (Role: Agile Coach)

  • Coached a development team during a transition from waterfall to an agile/scrum-based process.
  • Trained 3 other team members in test driven development, object oriented analysis and other agile engineering disciplines.
  • Consulted with project managers, business analysts, and testers on how to adapt to an iterative software development process.

JP Morgan - Investment Bank Java Developer

  • Upgraded an existing equities trading system to connect directly to 5 different exchanges via a FIX 4.2 connection.
  • Coordinated development, testing, and deployment efforts with upstream systems as well as the IT departments from the exchanges.

Major Airline Java Developer

  • Delivered an overdue user facing web app within 4 months of arriving.
  • Coordinated deployment and infrastructure requirements with DBA, operations and architecture teams.
  • Designed and implemented messaging and persistence layers for a text-message notification system.
  • Worked on several other back-end messaging systems involving JMS and web services.

In addition to working full time on client projects I also assisted with interviewing and recruiting activities. I conducted technical and behavioral interviews both over the phone and in person.

Valtech Technologies

Mai 2005–Juli 2008

At Valtech, a consultancy, I worked for a number of different clients in several different capacities.

Hertz Rent-a-Car (Build Manager)

  • Responsible for maintaining a complex set of Maven and Ant build scripts used to compile, test, package, and deploy a large suite of Java applications
  • Coordinated releases across multiple development and operations teams
  • Improved build automation and decreased developer effort required for release and deployment

Private Hedge Fund (Web Developer)

  • Ported and enhanced an existing financial risk analysis tool from VBScript/ASP to ASP.Net 2.0

JP Morgan - Investment Bank (Java Developer)

  • Designed and implemented a regulatory reporting system which handled all equities transactions for the UK
  • Responsible for system design as well as integration points with several upstream and downstream systems

In addition to my role as a consultant I also assisted with on campus recruiting activities at Texas A&M. I helped organize and gave presentations at an on campus software development group. I also gave occasional guest lectures to computer science classes in order to promote Valtech to potential intern and new hires.


Computer Science
Texas A&M University


  • Scored 1550 on SAT (800 math, 750 verbal)
  • Graduated Cum Laude

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