Miguel Ángel Rodríguez

Independent Contractor
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I am Miguel Rodríguez, a freelance developer from Caracas - Venezuela with Computer Science background. I am a persistent and goal-oriented person who tries to make the best use of the resources. I am positive, proactive and motivated enough to set a goal with the intention to fulfill it.

Just after college I used to do a lot of programmming while working as a technician. By that time I only was working in a prototype of my website in PHP and some other learning stuff in C/C++. These C/C++ things might include compiling directly with GCC and and trying building a website with CGI. I was specially focused on programming in order to improve my skills for my first programming job in life which it was two years later. Then I had to retake everything what I learned in my Thesis becuase I was involved in a CRP project in PHP called VTiger. I built a lot of things but it honestly gave me a lot of headaches due to the bugs. A year later I got involved in the helpdesk system of G-SYS. I was working with one of my friends. I had to work with an ERP project built from scratch in PHP4 for insurance brokers. unfortunately It had even more bugs than VTiger. Later in that year I decided to work as an independent contractor. I had to do a lot of diverse things. I got involved with Drupal as well as many other more technologies as SASS, bootstrap and modernizr. I had the oportunity to perform serveradmin task. I have even been involved with Sabre web services. Now I am working a lot with Ruby and Rails and I am willing to explore many other more technologies.

Describing me in few words, I am honest, thoughtful and persistent. I try to be kind whenever I can, I always say the truth, even in situations that could affect me, I take promises very seriously, so, I don't promise that easy, it would be unfair to say that I am a perfect person, like any human I make mistakes, and, when it happens, I recognize them, I apologize and I try to learn from them, I usually don't react violently and I have no criminal record.


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Independent Contractor

August 2012–Aktuell

Currently I am undertaking as a freelancer, monstly as a online outsourcing. I am work on different projects, some of them from Upwork and the rest of them are personal or for some companies somehow realted to me.


Februar 2012–Juni 2012

G-SYS is a software company that offers IT services such as consultancy and sales of software related to insurance & insurance brokers, all the software that this company sells are manufactured by itself, I was performing software development activities to the software that the company was offering to its clients, as well as support activities.

Uniglobe L'alianxa Travel Network

Dezember 2010–Dezember 2011

Uniglobe is a travel agency that offers travel services for individual or business purpose, all these services are offered with a set of tools that helps the traveler to keep track of their flights, their tickets, and any other data related, I was performing software development activities to its CRM (VTigerCRM), as well as support activities to its employees, I was also involved on other projects of the company, such as the customer portal for their business clients and the Amadeus (GDS) connection to its CRM.


Januar 2009–Oktober 2009

Fiscalpro is a fiscal cash register, fiscal printers, and POS seller, I was performing support activities to its clients, as well as other activities such as fixing and devices inplementations, I was also giving consultancy & training to the clients for the right used of their devices.


August 2008–Januar 2009

SIPOS 232 is a fiscal cash register, fiscal printers, and POS seller, I was performing support activities to its clients, as well as other activities such as fixing and devices inplementations, I was also giving consultancy & training to the clients for the right used of their devices.


Asociate degree on Computer science
Instituto Universitario de Gerencia y Tecnología


I got an Associate Degree of Computer Science. I studied for 3 years (unlike other countries, the length of the associate degrees in Venezuela, usually called "TSU", are for 3 years), during the courses I was trained on Software Design and Development, Programming (including its fundaments and 3 languages, C, Visual Basic, Java), Databases and some other things.

I got a perfect score in the final project (20/20).


OpenEnglish.com - Certified Fluent English Speaker


Web Graphic Design


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Open Source

GitHub, Okt 2012

A set of CSS3 responsible widgets for jQuery

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