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Matthieu Napoli

Wellington, Nouvelle-Zélande

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Derzeit Software engineer bei Piwik PRO.

I am a software engineer passionate about coding, web development and architecture.


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Software engineer, Piwik PRO

September 2014 - Aktuell

Software engineer & architecture of SaaS products, My C-Sense

Oktober 2012 - Juli 2014

My C-Sense is a startup providing SaaS reporting & analysis tools where I’m responsible for:

  • application architecture design (distributed with RabbitMQ, workers, webservices)
  • modernizing the legacy codebase: from Zend Framework 1 & Active Record to Symfony 2, Doctrine 2 & SOLID code
  • refactoring the domain model following the Domain Driven Design approach
  • software quality, continuous integration & dev/build processes (Vagrant, Jenkins, Behat, TravisCI, CircleCI…)
  • production architecture: sysadmin, monitoring tools (PaperTrail, New Relic), alerts
  • lead of the Open Source initiative: My C-Labs
    • PHP and JS open source projects on GitHub
    • contribution to Doctrine 2 & Doctrine Extensions

Software engineer on an e-commerce project, Atos Worldline

März 2011 - Oktober 2012

  • Responsible of performances and optimizations on a major french e-commerce website:
  • ×200 increase in volumetry and ×40 increase in traffic over one year
  • Technical leader in the team, code reviews
  • Design of a distributed cache and service architecture based on EhCache, Solr, and Memcached
  • Front-end refactoring for the new cache architecture, Java development
  • SQL query optimizations, code profiling, …

PHP developer, My C-Sense

Oktober 2009 - September 2010

  • Design and development of a web application using PHP 5.3, MVC, Zend Framework 1 and development of a custom ORM framework
  • Project and technical lead
  • Code quality and unit testing

Web development and Linux scripting (internship), TCP Innovation

Mai 2009 - August 2009

  • Design of a supervision system for embedded devices
  • Analysis of reporting solutions, embedded development boards, CMS and network protocols
  • Development of a supervision and remote control system for embedded devices via a web interface
  • Joomla development, LAMP server administration
  • Shell, Python and PHP-cli scripting

Co-founder of 'Choisir une entreprise', ready-to-serve web solutions,

Februar 2007 - Mai 2008

  • Developer and administrator of a web directory of local stores, providing ready-to-serve web solutions.
  • Partnerships (SEO, webdesign, customer service representative, sponsors...).
  • Finalists of the contest « Jeunes entrepreneurs de l'année 2008 » (Young entrepreneur of the year 2008), Lyon, France.
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Master's degree in Computer Engineering, National Institute of Applied Sciences - (INSA) Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon

2005 - 2011

Computer Science Master - Exchange semester in Reykjavik, Iceland, Háskóli Íslands / University of Iceland

2010 - 2010

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GitHub, Mrz 2012 – Aktuell; 448 Follower; 67mal geforkt

Powerful and practical Dependency Injection Container for PHP

Container Interop

GitHub, Dez 2013 – Aktuell; 103 Follower; 15mal geforkt

Project trying to bring DI container interoperability for PHP frameworks

Member and co-creator


GitHub, Jul 2012 – Aktuell; 76 Follower; 15mal geforkt

Beanstalkd admin interface


GitHub, Jan 2013 – Aktuell; 103 Follower; 15mal geforkt

PHP Enum implementation


GitHub, Mrz 2014 - Aug 2014; 68 Follower; 4mal geforkt

Manage permissions on Doctrine entities


GitHub, Jun 2013 - Jul 2014; 16 Follower

Import/Export library for PHP


GitHub, Sep 2013 - Jun 2014; 25 Follower; 2mal geforkt

Work queue library letting you run distributed tasks using a generic abstraction

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Apps & Software


Find and share awesome spots around the world. For curious travellers and modern explorers.

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