Mark Byers

Senior Software Engineer
  • Denmark
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I am a programmer with 10 years of experience in a broad range of programming languages and technologies. I was born and educated in England with a degree in mathematics from the University of Cambridge. I currently work in Denmark as a consultant in the energy industry, providing solutions for collection, analysis and presentation of data.

I have professional experience with many programming languages, including C#, Java, Python and SQL. I work well both alone and in teams. I have strong problem solving skills.

I also enjoy programming as a hobby and have some basic knowledge in many other languages such as Ruby and PHP. I enjoy writing computer programs to find solutions to games and puzzles, and have participated in programming competitions such as TopCoder where I have won prizes.


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Senior Software Engineer


I have worked as a consultant with different clients on several projects, mostly in the energy industry, but also for a client in the telecommunication industry. A typical project includes collecting data from one or more third-party servers, analysis of the data and visualization of the results.

Software Engineer


I developed software to automatically read electricity and heat meters from a variety of suppliers and using a variety of different protocols and communication technologies (GSM, radio communication, power line communication, M-Bus).

Software Engineer


I worked as part of a small team developing a server for creating cryptographic digital signatures. I also worked on the libraries that were used in the company, including helping to refactor the database abstraction layer that was being used by several other products in the company.


University of Cambridge, UK


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