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From May 2010 I've been working for StackOverflow, which is nice.

I'm passionate about programming, my aim is to work with great tools, in a great team, making great products.

My main recent history is C#/.NET/TSQL (SQL Server), but I'm open to most technology.

I also play an active part in the developer community - something I want to keep doing. I love exploring new tools and technologies, as well as working with the established and well-practised.

I have a keen interest in sharing knowledge, so outside of work I maintain a blog on .NET topics, and contribute to various forums and open-source projects. I also have an active relationship with multiple book publishers, acting in a peer review / technical editor capacity on numerous recent books (primarily .NET).

In recognition for my activities, I was awarded as a C# MVP in 2008.


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Stack Exchange

Mai 2010–Aktuell

Adding awesome.

Keeping a high-volume site like Stack Exchange working efficiently is a daily challenge, which we face with passion. We work on the full stack (database, app-tier, and client) on whatever technology we feel is best for a problem; with a critical eye on performance (even if that means writing our own infrastructure code to streamline things).

Equally, making sure we employ best-practice on things like security is essential on a site frequented by technically accomplished developers, system administrators, and security experts.

Lead Analyst Programmer

Juli 1999–Mai 2010

Code; lots of code.

Project delivery - it has to happen, and it has to work.

I also tend to be the local expert for: C# language, WCF, LINQ, ADO.NET, serialization, TSQL, ASP.NET MVC, and a huge range of general .NET topics.

R&D into new technologies; setting the standards and choosing platforms / architectures.

Project design from inception through to delivery, support, etc.

Training / mentoring / knowledge-dissemination.

In addition to beign the tech-lead on a wide portfolio of regular line-of-business applications, I've also delivered a number of highly complex systems, including resource scheduling, complex rules engines, etc.

I've also been instrumental in designing and implementing a framework for working with WCF, with particular attention to the security framework.

With my current employer I have 10 years experience working on business-critical systems on load-balanced / high-availability infrastructure, and supporting data that would be front-page news if we screw it up.


BSc Mathematics
University of Exeter


MVP (Visual C#), 2009-current

Regular presenter at .NET user-groups including NxtGenUG,, DDD South West.

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GitHub, Jun 2014 – Aktuell; 627 Follower; 259mal geforkt

Protocol Buffers library for idiomatic .NET

Primary author and maintainer

GitHub, Apr 2011 – Aktuell; 3617 Follower; 1170mal geforkt


Primary author and maintainer

GitHub, Mrz 2014 – Aktuell; 1058 Follower; 366mal geforkt

General purpose redis client

Primary author and maintainer

Google Code, ; 476 Follower; 50mal geforkt

A simple but effective Mini-Profiler for ASP.NET, WCF


Google Code, ; 35 Follower; 23mal geforkt

Fast access to .net fields/properties


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Personal blog

Code, code and more code.

If you don’t know what is causing delays, you are doomed to performance woes. Performance is something I care about deeply, and there are no end of performance /…

InfoQ: Expression as a Compiler

InfoQ: Tracking change and innovation in the enterprise software development community

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C# in Depth, Second Edition

(pre-release review feedback)

C# in Depth: What you need to master C# 2 and 3

C# in Depth

What you need to master C# 2 and 3

Jon Skeet

(pre-release review feedback)


Amstrad CPC 464

Visual Studio


Projekte und Links

Author of protobuf-net:

Author of HyperDescriptor:

Stackoverflow moderator / contributor:

Usenet contributor:

Code Blog:

MVP Profile:

Contributor to MiscUtil:

InfoQ: Expression as a Compiler:


When I'm not at work, I can usually be found either with my kids, or with my nose in a laptop

  • perhaps working on community projects such as protobuf-net
  • perhaps helping people on stackoverflow or usenet
  • perhaps proof-reading (pre-publication) for Manning or Wiley
  • perhaps blogging/tweeting

I keep pretty active.