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Lennart Brüggemann

Berlin, Germany

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Derzeit Software Engineer bei RA-MICRO GmbH & Co KGaA.

I should probably mention all the interesting technologies and fields I've worked on or am enganged in, but most of those caught my interest by complete accident. I've always been interesting in operating systems (be it Windows or Unix), and got to learn distributed systems in my studies. With my specialisation in medical computing I got to know image creation and processing in medical environments, which came in handy while working on augmented reality applications at my internship at Fraunhofer. Medical information systems are another interesting field, especially digital patient records and communication protocols in medical institutions. Recently I got engaged in C# programming and try myself in some semi-serious projects I host at Google Code.

I'm fluent in English and German (natively), and have some basic skills in Norwegian and Danish.


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Software Engineer, RA-MICRO GmbH & Co KGaA

Februar 2014 - Aktuell

Intern, Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology (IPK)

September 2011 - Dezember 2011

Developing AR application prototypes on Android tablet computers for industrial use-case scenarios. Assisting development of newly markerless tracking technology. Research on efficient CV algorithms for object detection.


Bachelor of Science (Applied Computing), Specialization in Medical Computing, HTW Berlin

2008 - 2012

Bachelor's thesis "Interaction with 3D-objects in augmented reality applications on mobile Android devices" graded with B (1.7).

Degree awarded with B (1.9).

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GitHub, Jan 2014

Reads embedded cover art from MP3 files and analyzes them for resolution or filesize


GitHub, Jan 2014


GitHub, Jan 2014

Adds, removes and edits tiles on the Windows 8 Start Screen


Bachelor's thesis

English title: "Interaction with 3D-Objects in Augmented Reality applications on mobile Android devices"