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Software developer
yWorks GmbH
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Software developer
yWorks GmbH

Juli 2014–Aktuell

  • Maintenance, bugfixes and features on a WPF graph drawing library
  • Customer support
  • Writing a C#→JS/Java compiler based on Roslyn

Software developer
MagicMaps GmbH

März 2012–Juni 2014

  • Maintained an aging PHP application and fixed various reliability problems (as well as automating the deployment, bringing it from error-prone 30 minutes to mostly reliable 30 seconds)
  • Maintained an ASP.NET web service
  • Development on our main product, a large application written in C++/Qt
    • Various user interface additions and enhancements
    • Code cleanup and migrations to newer versions of the IDE and libraries (twice)
    • Complete overhaul of the build system (MSBuild-based) to handle dependencies better; essentially I've written all project files by hand then
    • I've been more or less solely responsible for the latest release, regarding most of the implementation and project management
  • Implemented a small-ish Android app to graph sensor readings obtained via Bluetooth. Part of this was coming up with a novel and usable way of scaling four graphs independently on a small screen.
  • Wrote scripts to automate a migration from CVS to Mercurial
  • Wrote scripts to handle moving commits from a local Mercurial repository to a remote CVS one so that Mercurial's features can be used locally with a legacy version-control system

Student assistant
Universität Rostock

Mai 2010–September 2010

Implementation of a simple, fast, concurrent CSV-based data sink for simulation results. This involved my first foray into TDD which worked quite well for that task.

Intern as a software developer

September 2009–Januar 2010

Implementation of a desktop application in C# with Windows forms. Part of it was a database that was distributed among several instances of the software (geographically), as well as a coordinated workflow.

Student assistant
Universität Rostock

Februar 2009–Juli 2009

Implemented a visualization control for cellular automata for use in James II.

Student assistant
Universität Rostock

Februar 2008–Juli 2008

Implementing custom UI controls. In particular an implementation of a JTable supporting hierarchical content with Swing.

Student assistant
Universität Rostock

Dezember 2007–Februar 2008

Implementing random number generators for a modeling and simulations framework (JAMES II). Furthermore, tests and a testing UI were implemented.

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Diploma Computer Science
Universität Rostock


Grade: 1.9 (good)

Diploma thesis

Topic: Dynamically composable text based on user-selected preconditions
Grade: 1.3 (very good)
Summary: Articles, books or other kinds of text usually only support one way of reading through them: Linear from start to finish. This thesis explored a way of creating texts that can be read in different paths, depending on particular preconditions (like reader interest, prior knowledge, etc.). This makes it possible to not clutter the reading experience with explanations of things the reader already knows or tailor the text to their interests and needs. It would be possible to write a text about a particular topic, targetting very different education levels, by either omitting parts or explaining them in simpler terms, as necessary. In the end I settled with an attributed graph to represent the text which supported everything I needed. A prototype software implementation including unit tests and a formal specification of the concept have been created as well.

Minor thesis (Studienarbeit)

Topic: Personal Document Management (written in English)
Grade: 1.3 (very good)
Summary: I enumerated and compared various different ways of handling and managing personal documents (usually implemented as files without much special support for their contents). The first part was a general introduction in how information can be structured and how user behaviour regarding information retrieval differs. The second part looked at different applications and how they implement the ideas in the first part.

Other things

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GitHub, Jul 2012 - Sep 2012; 6 Follower

Grabs items from Diablo 3 on hotkey and creates a collage of them.

Small side project with a friend. He managed mostly the image extraction portion, the rest including UI was my part.

GitHub, Mai 2013 - Mrz 2015

An Open Source reimplementation of Windows PowerShell, for Mono.

Just started to contribute; mostly minor features and tests as I find my way around the project.

Apps & Software

JAva-based Multipurpose Environment for Simulation II (formerly known as Java-based Agent Modeling Environment for Simulation)

I implemented most of the code related to pluggable pseudo-random number generators in the framework (prior to that there was only the quite inferior default Java PRNG (java.util.Random) which isn't suitable for e.g. Monte-Carlo simulation. This also includes statistical tests for testing how well such generators perform.

Furthermore I contributed a visualisation component for cellular automata, a simple and fast concurrent CSV-based data sink for simulation results and several dialogs in the graphical user interface (usually related to either the PRNGs or cellular automata).

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Windows PowerShell Cookbook: The Complete Guide to Scripting Microsoft's New Command Shell

Windows PowerShell Cookbook

The Complete Guide to Scripting Microsoft's New Command Shell

Lee Holmes

(I was a technical reviewer of this book.) Most of my PowerShell knowledge is self-taught without caring for what the language is built for. This book contained many helpful scripts and things I didn't yet know, especially in management and administration.

Code Complete (Microsoft Programming Series)

Code Complete

Steve McConnell

Don't Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability, 2nd Edition

Don't Make Me Think

A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability, 2nd Edition

Steve Krug

About Face 2.0: The Essentials of Interaction Design

About Face 2.0

The Essentials of Interaction Design

Alan Cooper, Robert Reimann

The book that introduced me into Human-Computer Interaction as a field and showed me that you can build better software if you care for how it is used by actual people.


Far or Visual Studio, depending on what needs to be done