Work with multiple consultants on multiple projects creating information management systems using Microsoft technologies. Requires a high level of self-direction, the ability to communicate well with non-technical people and strong experience designing and architecting systems.

Erforderliche Kenntnisse und Qualifikationen

Required: C#, ASP.Net, Sql Server,  Integration Services (SSIS). Excellent communication skills. English need not be unaccented, but must be clear and eloquent.

Nice to have: JQuery, Web API, SSO, general crypto, Design Patterns, TDD/NUnit/MSTest.

As an example, just recently we began working on a new project involving writing a Web API wrapper around a business layer which interacts with Sql Server, performing authentication and pulling data which is populated nightly via an ETL process with SSIS. That api will be called from an Angular app, which will also connect with Wordpress for content management. Another project we’re working on is a custom Word => PDF converter (using iTextSharp) which is web hosted for our customers.

Über PartnerComm, Inc.

Partnercomm facilitates internal communication for medium to large companies – total comp statements, enrollment guides, wellness programs, for example. We are a creative organization with a lot of artists – our culture reflects that. Our average employee is somewhere in their late twenties and female.  We are located in south Arlington near the Parks mall – each developer will get his own office, though there may be a cube break-in period, depending on availability.


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Senior Microsoft Software Developer – all senior dev team bei PartnerComm, Inc. - C#