1. What’s the best thing about your current job?
  2. What’s the worst thing about your current job?
  3. What things could you wish for to make your current work better?

These were the questions I asked my team in an email in June 2014. The intention was to use their answers to better understand and prepare a job posting in order to attract similar minded people to our company.

Their response however surprised me:

  • "The best thing in my current job is free of implementation ways and time limits..."
  • "Flexible work hours (and even days!). Ability to move to another place any time. Good team."
  • "The best thing is freedom in ways to resolve the tasks. When I'm choosing tools, libraries or approaches I'm free to pick whatever will be the best for task. And not limited by some company policies as it was on previous jobs..."
  • "The working flow standards... Company trusted politic... Team voice... The happy team... Strict and smart team lead..."
  • "No hierarchy. Almost :) I feel we work not only for one person but for the company, moving this business forward - that's really inspiring."

Please review full answers here 3QAYJ

In my opinion their answers were better than any job posting I could have done. It inspired me to rethink the whole way we normally post a job. When looking for skilled likeminded people to join our team we shouldn’t make a job post; rather we should make a “company pitch”. Most job posts are dictating who you are and what you should do – a common sentence in a job post often goes like this: “you got a master degree in computer science and like to...” or “you will develop solution concepts by using...”. We don’t believe in such requirements. We don’t think of you as a work unit in a production line. Rather we seek talents and personalities whom we would want to invest in a relationship with. We firmly believe modern companies need to rethink the way in which they attract similar minded people. We must open our door and introduce our values; as this is the first step towards creating a bond. After all we are the team that want you to join us.

With that being said welcome to – our company pitch project to attract you!

Our workflow is managed via

JIRA,CONFLUENCE and all code submitting is handled through Github, pull request. On a daily basis we communicate via hipchat and each Monday we have a weekly meeting via skype to touch base. One of the outcomes from the 3QAYJ is our team summit. Starting from 2015 we will have a real life team summit meeting some place around the world financed by the company.

We are currently looking at expanding our development team with 1-2 backend developers.

Erforderliche Kenntnisse und Qualifikationen

We share and subscribe to the following principles:

We are working within the world of ecommerce – We run a profitable growing company looking to expand activities throughout Europe.

Our work is not limited to ecommerce but merges from our ecommerce setup.

Job description

Here is a list of some of the tools and technologize we currently use:

  • Nginx
  • git
  • Capistrano
  • compass (scss)
  • coffeescript (a little bit)

We'd appreciate if you have experience with the above or you can study how to use it. We appreciate if you have:

  • skills in Magento development
  • skills in web development in general
  • skills or at least wants to get skills in mobile applications development (Android/iOS)

Good confirmations of your professionalism could be:

  • your github account with contributions to open source projects
  • any certificates (Magento MCD/MCDP, ZCE and so on)
  • your stackoverflow account

If applying we would ask you to send us an example of code written by you and make a short pair programming session with one of our developers.

What we offer

  • Long term full employment
  • Flexible working hours
  • Remote job - Work from your home
  • Influence in all aspect of your work – freedom in ways to resolve tasks
  • Respect your opinion/ support your own projects
  • Stability and personal relationship
  • Fully paid Team summit meeting each year.

Your Application

We hope you wish to join our team. Besides to technical ability we value personality a great deal. For that reason we would love from you to make a personal introduction in which you:

  • Let us know what your passionate about (does not have to be relevant to programing);
  • How, why and when you first started programming;
  • Share some of your personal goals in life in general (in case you know).

Please submit your application with any links and code example to the following email and please visit our site to learn more.


About us
As a company, we are fortunate to be in a successful growing industry within ecommerce. This allows us to evolve and create a work environment in which we are able to be creative and evolve in the direction we wish to. Our work is not limited to ecommerce but merges from our ecommerce setup. Therefor we are currently working on creating algorithm driven community sites and intelligent mobile apps.

We are a group of passionate, loyal, highly professional and self-driven people who work together in a virtual workspace.  We work from Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, Denmark and Netherland. We consist currently of 7 people of whom 3 are developers, 2 designers and 2 marketing people. We are currently looking at expanding our development team with 1-2 developers (FYI: all our developers speak Russian and English – you have to communicate in one of these languages).

We use JIRA, Github, Confluence to manage workflow and communicate daily via Hipchat.


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