Python Engineer

Safari Books Online Boston, MA (von zu Hause arbeiten möglich)


We're looking for a Python software engineer who cares about building meaningful applications that enrich the personal and professional lives of our customers. Our products are used in libraries, startups, classrooms, and corporations, and help technologists learn, share knowledge, and succeed in their careers.

(We're especially proud to be a key part of President Obama's ConnectED initiative to bring digital learning to every American classroom)

Erforderliche Kenntnisse und Qualifikationen

In this role, you'll work with our dedicated back-end team focused on building high-availability, robust, scalable infrastructure to support a range of web products. Our development stack is Python/Django, Redis, Git, Postgres, and django-rest-framework. (There's also opportunities to work on front-end webapp development if that's your thing.) 

We have a dedication to testing (Nose, QUnit, Selenium), a strong IT and data group, and a core belief in work-life balance. We welcome diversity and will not make too much fun of your choice in text editors.

Über Safari Books Online

Safari Books Online provides subscription access to books and video on topics such as software development, IT, graphic design, business and professional development.

Our core team is highly distributed with concentrations in our Boston Seaport and San Francisco offices. The women and men in our engineering group are life-long learners who encourage collaboration and innovation.  This position reports to the Engineering Manager, and can be located anywhere in the US, though we'd love for you to work with us in person too. 

Safari encourages all of its staff at any skill level to contribute to our technical blog. See what our developers, project managers, and designers care about most at  If you want an idea of what you'll be working on, we also invite you to visit and sign up for a free trial of Safari Flow

Joel-Test-Ergebnis: 12 von 12

Der Joel-Test besteht aus zwölf Fragen, mit denen die Qualität eines Softwareteams bewertet wird.

  • Verwenden Sie Quellcodeverwaltung?
  • Können Sie einen Build in einem Schritt erstellen?
  • Erstellen Sie tägliche Builds?
  • Haben Sie eine Fehlerdatenbank?
  • Beheben Sie Fehler, bevor Sie neuen Code schreiben?
  • Führen Sie einen aktuellen Terminplan?
  • Haben Sie Spezifikationen?
  • Haben die Programmierer eine ruhige Arbeitsumgebung?
  • Verwenden Sie die besten auf dem Markt erhältlichen Tools?
  • Haben Sie Tester?
  • Müssen neue Kandidaten beim Vorstellungsgespräch Code schreiben?
  • Verwenden Sie Brauchbarkeitstests?

Übermittlung der Bewerbungen

We've created a Django-based code test that's very much like the kind of work we do every day: Please send a resume and cover letter, and ideally a pull request or patch to the test. Your comments on how to improve the test are also very welcome!


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