Senior Software Engineer

Goldbely San Francisco, CA (Unterstützung bei Umzug)


You will be the fourth engineer in our tech team. We see this as our last key position as an early stage startup. It's a very hands on roll; you'll be coding, pairing, debugging, and whiteboarding new features.

We will look to you for ideas on how to scale our infrastructure and crafty hacks to add functionality. You will help hone our in-house skills and practices and eventually help with hiring.

A bit about our tech:

We have thorough test coverage.  We refactor often and have adopted the strategies of luminaries like Corey Haines, Gary Bernhardt, and Avdi Grimm. Our codebase is a loosely-coupled collection of gems and services and that allows us to release features quickly. We're active learners and always looking at new technologies and coding practices to keep development fun.

Erforderliche Kenntnisse und Qualifikationen


  • excellent Ruby chops
  • ability to break problems into manageable chunks
  • write testable code
  • have experience maintaining a codebase over several years
  • Unix command line skills
  • Thorough understanding of Git or other distributed version control

Nice to have experience with:

  • iOS
  • Node.js
  • E-commerce businesses
  • writing / blogging

Über Goldbely

We believe in building a wonderful product and taking care of our people. We understand the importance of personal growth so you’ll get autonomy, recognition and regular feedback. We move quickly. Working in short iteration cycles, we release our features to market at least once a week. We expect a lot of each other but we wouldn't want it any other way.

We’re a tight-knit team of lovers of food and technology. We consider ourselves lucky to have found a way to merge the two. We are pumped at the opportunity to help talented food purveyors (with local cult-like followings) by bringing them to the national spotlight. At the same time, we share a passion for offering our customers unique food-experiences that connect people with foods of their past and pretty much make the Best. Gifts. Ever.

We are a Y Combinator backed company and have recently closed a large round of funding.

Joel-Test-Ergebnis: 9 von 12

Der Joel-Test besteht aus zwölf Fragen, mit denen die Qualität eines Softwareteams bewertet wird.

  • Verwenden Sie Quellcodeverwaltung?
  • Können Sie einen Build in einem Schritt erstellen?
  • Erstellen Sie tägliche Builds?
  • Haben Sie eine Fehlerdatenbank?
  • Beheben Sie Fehler, bevor Sie neuen Code schreiben?
  • Führen Sie einen aktuellen Terminplan?
  • Haben Sie Spezifikationen?
  • Haben die Programmierer eine ruhige Arbeitsumgebung?
  • Verwenden Sie die besten auf dem Markt erhältlichen Tools?
  • Haben Sie Tester?
  • Müssen neue Kandidaten beim Vorstellungsgespräch Code schreiben?
  • Verwenden Sie Brauchbarkeitstests?

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Senior Software Engineer bei Goldbely - Ruby On Rails