Front-End Engineer

ENFOS, Inc. San Mateo, CA (Unterstützung bei Umzug)


We're working on a complete rewrite of the front-end of our application and we have an opening for some front-end talent. We would like to meet someone who is creative and has a passion for daring front-end work rather than someone who's looking for a mindless 9-5. We love people who never stop learning and desire an environment accommodating their personal growth. We like to openly discuss project complexities and would value you voicing your opinion -- bonus points if you'll join us in diagramming problems on our glass walls with markers. 

Erforderliche Kenntnisse und Qualifikationen


- Writing clean & modular code
- Making UX decisions with every new screen & looking out for our end users above all
- Caring about your product and a willingness to take ownership over projects
- Staying up to date on the web's constantly advancing tricks and trends


- Strong JavaScript and CSS skills
- Understanding of semantic HTML
- Experience optimizing webpage performance
- Knowledge of web best practices and why they are best practices

Bonus points:
Experience with jQuery, requireJS, AngularJS, D3 and/or Photoshop. 


- Working with self-motivated, creative-thinking, laid-back people.
- Many challenging projects requiring a big imagination to work on.
- Growing with a company that is a profitable force for environmental good in the world.
- Snack room filled with goodies from Costco. Whatever your weakness - we got you covered.
- The weather. Now small-talk about the weather will at least be positive!
- You pick your computer and your tools.

This is a full time position, with stock options, 3 weeks vacation and medical benefits.
Please email your resume along with a link to your portfolio or Github.

Über ENFOS, Inc.

ENFOS is a business-to-business company based in Silicon Valley that is on the cusp of revamping its digital image and putting out a (literally) world-changing new version of its software. By creating, managing, and selling a complex SaaS platform to massive corporations worldwide to help manage their environmental liability, our software helps clean up the world! Our software is already used by many of the Global 50 (such as BP, 7-Eleven, PG&E, ConocoPhillips, etc.) and others have taken notice.

Joel-Test-Ergebnis: 12 von 12

Der Joel-Test besteht aus zwölf Fragen, mit denen die Qualität eines Softwareteams bewertet wird.

  • Verwenden Sie Quellcodeverwaltung?
  • Können Sie einen Build in einem Schritt erstellen?
  • Erstellen Sie tägliche Builds?
  • Haben Sie eine Fehlerdatenbank?
  • Beheben Sie Fehler, bevor Sie neuen Code schreiben?
  • Führen Sie einen aktuellen Terminplan?
  • Haben Sie Spezifikationen?
  • Haben die Programmierer eine ruhige Arbeitsumgebung?
  • Verwenden Sie die besten auf dem Markt erhältlichen Tools?
  • Haben Sie Tester?
  • Müssen neue Kandidaten beim Vorstellungsgespräch Code schreiben?
  • Verwenden Sie Brauchbarkeitstests?

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Front-End Engineer bei ENFOS, Inc. - JavaScript