Are you a thoughtful software engineer who enjoys working on agile, effective projects? Do you seek a game changing opportunity that could raise the bar for an industry and affect the legacy of people’s lives? Do you have an entrepreneurial streak coupled with a commitment to hitting your benchmarks? Do you want to work with a prolific team? If your mind set matches ours, we want to talk to you!

About Us

Passare is an A-round funded company in stealth mode. We seek engineers to grow our software team on an exciting, green-field project to deliver the first version of our B2B application, followed by the B2C ‘social’ component. Applying Agile development practices, coupled with Ruby-on-Rails, and using the best tools available, we are quickly building both a product and a great team.

We have a team in San Francisco, and are now building a team in the Twin Cities, MN as well. This posting is specifically for the Twin Cities.

Erforderliche Kenntnisse und Qualifikationen

About You

We’re interested in finding the right person. It’s better to find someone with the right attitude and aptitude; we’ll invest in your skills if it’s not a perfect match. We expect a positive attitude towards difficult challenges, whether code or schedule based. You must be self-motivated, enjoy working in a team environment, and love building something that will change things in a positive way.

Required Skills / Experience

  • 2+ years of experience, preferably at an early stage company
  • Enough experience with Ruby on Rails so you can hit the ground running
  • Experience with one or more applications in a production environment with real customers
  • Working knowledge of agile development practices
  • Understanding of the basics: OO software, Linux, SQL, NoSQL, and basic sysadmin skills
  • Experience with one or more cloud computing platforms
  • Experience with modern, distributed source control systems (Git, Mercurial, etc.)
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
  • A computer science degree or equivalent experience

 Bonus – One of the following

  • Delivery of one or more mobile apps, for either iOS or Android
  • Knowledge of database scaling
  • Web analytics experience
  • Experience working with a geographically distributed team

Joel-Test-Ergebnis: 9 von 12

Der Joel-Test besteht aus zwölf Fragen, mit denen die Qualität eines Softwareteams bewertet wird.

  • Verwenden Sie Quellcodeverwaltung?
  • Können Sie einen Build in einem Schritt erstellen?
  • Erstellen Sie tägliche Builds?
  • Haben Sie eine Fehlerdatenbank?
  • Beheben Sie Fehler, bevor Sie neuen Code schreiben?
  • Führen Sie einen aktuellen Terminplan?
  • Haben Sie Spezifikationen?
  • Haben die Programmierer eine ruhige Arbeitsumgebung?
  • Verwenden Sie die besten auf dem Markt erhältlichen Tools?
  • Haben Sie Tester?
  • Müssen neue Kandidaten beim Vorstellungsgespräch Code schreiben?
  • Verwenden Sie Brauchbarkeitstests?

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