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Jeffrey Kemp

Perth, Australia

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Derzeit Oracle Apex Developer bei Bunnings.

Designer & Developer specialising in Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, Apex (Application Express), Forms and Reports with over 14 years experience

  • Proven data modelling and software development skills
  • Extensive experience in data modelling, system integration and data migration
  • In-depth knowledge of Oracle database capabilities and performance tuning
  • Background in the government and utilities sectors
  • Regular speaker on Oracle technical topics at AUSOUG meetings and InSync conferences


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Oracle Apex Developer, Bunnings

September 2013 - Aktuell

Technologies: Oracle Application Express (Apex 4.2), SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle database 11gR2

  • Fixed Asset Disposal - upgraded existing Apex 3.2 application to Apex 4.2, rebuilt and modernized, built new Fixed Asset Check system to coordinate store and I.T. asset checks, added new Mobile web interface - sole developer
  • COS Phase 3 - features upgrade for customer special orders, Apex 4.0 - developer in a small team
  • Capex - upgraded this Apex 3.2 application to Apex 4.2, rebuilt and modernized - developer in team of 3

Oracle Developer, Department of Commerce

Juli 2010 - September 2013

Jeffrey provided database and application design, development and maintenance to the Department of Commerce. His experience with the Oracle database was used to support multiple applications running on Oracle Forms/Reports 10g, Oracle database 9i, 10g and 11g.

Jeffrey built a number of tactical systems using Oracle Application Express 4.1, a rapid web application development tool provided with Oracle Database. These included the Leave Audit system, the Travel Claim system, and the Budget application. These applications were used by a wide range of internal users in the department, and interfaced with Oracle E-Business Suite and Alesco HR.

He designed and built an enhancement to CALS (Complaints and Licensing System) to enable it to consume web services for a data integration project. This feature was built entirely using PL/SQL on the database.

He provided database support to the new TBMS. The Tenancy Bonds Management System (TBMS) is used to administer over $160M in tenancy bond transactions per year on behalf of landlords and tenants across Western Australia. His primary responsibility was the migration of all data from the old system to the new model. This required mapping data from the legacy system to the new model, and a custom ETL (Extract/Transform/Load) multi-stage fault tolerant scripting solution using SQL and PL/SQL.

He was the sole developer for two separate CRS (Receipting System) upgrade projects, which involved substantial refactorings of the data model, along with numerous user interface and batch process changes. These upgrades were required for the roll in (and later, the roll out) of the Office of Shared Services.

Technologies: Oracle Application Express (Apex) 4.1, Oracle Forms/Reports 10g (, SQL, PL/SQL on database 10gR2, 11gR2 on Enterprise Linux R4; Oracle Database 8i, Oracle Forms/Reports 6i

Feedback received: "[Jeffrey's] approach and execution is very comprehensive."

Contract Analyst, Western Power

August 2009 - Juni 2010

Jeffrey provided application support and maintenance to Western Power Corporation, for the Metering Business System (MBS). MBS, a package application running on Oracle 9i, is central to the processing and distribution of meter readings for all customers throughout WA. MBS has a VB front-end, connecting to the Oracle database via IBM MQ Series, with batch processes written in Perl, SQL and PL/SQL.

He provided expertise and training in writing and improving SQL queries, PL/SQL scripts, making the most of the features of the database (including indexing, the cost-based optimizer, stored outlines, and pipelined functions), and was often called upon to advise on the best way to solve functionality and performance issues related to use of the Oracle database. His responsibilities also included developing batch reporting scripts (SQL, PL/SQL, Perl), diagnosing errors and performance issues reported by users or batch processes.

Senior Developer, Fujitsu / Western Australia Police

November 2005 - Juli 2009

Jeffrey provided his expertise in Oracle based technologies to the Western Australian Police for the enhancement of their Incident Management System (IMS). Incident Management System (IMS) is the core information system used for Policing in Western Australia. It is a 24x7 business critical system based on Oracle Forms and Reports 6i, Oracle Database 10g, and Solaris.

He was involved in eight releases of the software, providing development and design for a large number of new and modified components, training development staff, writing, maintaining and reviewing technical documentation including user interface specifications, providing detailed development estimates, participating in peer and quality reviews, risk and issue assessments, options and recommendations, and supporting ongoing production.

The project was a large-scale complex Oracle software development project in a highly structured environment employing formal methodologies and strict source and change control, requiring adherence to strict design, development and testing guidelines and standards.

Jeffrey maintained an excellent working relationship with the customer through clear communication, adherence to processes and professional conduct.

Technologies: Oracle Forms/Reports 6i on Oracle 9i, 10g, on Solaris

Consultant, Dialog I.T.

Februar 2004 - Oktober 2005

Technologies: Forms & Reports 9i, 10g on Oracle 9i, 10g Database

Project: CALS (Complaints And Licencing System) for DOCEP (Department of Consumer and Employment Protection) (now Department of Commerce)

Jeffrey designed, prototyped and implemented replacement system (Complaints and Licensing System) for several databases using Oracle Forms and Reports for the Department of Consumer and Employment Protection.

This involved replacing existing Oracle Forms 6i, KE Texpress, MS Access and MS Excel systems that managed occupational licences and consumer complaints. The new system was built with Oracle Developer 9i on a 9i database, and later upgraded to 10g (both server and client).

Analysed complex business rules from 5 different departmental branches in order to merge with existing system.

Jeffrey designed and built:

  • Interfaces via XML to other government agencies (CrimTrac and AUZSHARE).
  • Hierarchical parameter-driven code allowing customization of business rules for different branches of the department.
  • Improved security for custom-built user authentication.
  • Custom ETL scripts to migrate all data from legacy systems to Oracle. Moderately complex data matching rules implemented.
  • Coding standards for the development team.
  • Oracle Forms templates, libraries and menu along with a set of database packages for data manipulation, security, email, logging, and user customisable errors/warnings.
  • Customisable and extensible management reporting tool for consolidation and drilling-down of statistics from across the application to support complex reporting requirements.

Incorporated WebUtil to provide client-side functionality to match older application.

Provided advice on application design, Oracle capabilities, resolving errors and problems, and performance tuning to clients and colleagues.

Analyst Programmer, Valuer General's Office

Januar 2000 - Januar 2004

Technologies: Oracle Forms 4.5, 6i, Reports 2.5, 6i on Oracle database 7.3, 8i, 9i

Project: VALSYS (Valuation System) - maintenance, multiple upgrades for VGO (now part of LandGate)

Project Leader/Senior Systems Analyst

  • Developed, tested and maintained programs using Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, Oracle Designer and PL/SQL to resolve problem reports and implement enhancement requests
  • Planned, designed & supervised I.T. development projects including the Imaging Project (2002-03)
  • Provided expert advice and technical support to user representatives and management
  • Supervised development staff (4 Analyst Programmers; contractor; several student team projects), involving training and allocation of work. Imaging Project (2002-03)
  • Responsible for researching VGO’s requirements, determining functional requirements and producing the project plan, including feasibility analysis, risk mitigation and management plans, and project schedule and costing.
  • Constructed a number of Oracle Forms, Reports, PL/SQL programs and scripts to store, retrieve and analyse images, including digitisation of house plans.
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Bachelor of Science (Computer Science), Edith Cowan University

1995 - 2000

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State Youth Games Central

Two applications in one, for State Youth Games - one to allow players to sign up, and one to collect and publish the event scores, uses the new multi-interface feature of Oracle Apex 4.2, which allows it to automatically decide whether to present a “Desktop” style or “Mobile” style site to the user’s browser, depending on the characteristics of their device.

Designer, developer, maintainer

My Home Contents

Online web site for anyone to keep track of their home contents, their warranty details, and their home library.

Everything - designed, built, and maintained. The site allows users to sign up for a free account and enter details for their items. They can enter ISBNs for their books, and the site will try to fill in details and download cover images automatically.

Foothills Church of Christ

Web site for Foothills Church, including info pages for general public, a member info and roster reminder system using emails and SMS, a custom CMS for staff to keep the public-facing site up-to-date, and a worship leader song list and worship service planning application.

Technical design, construction, maintenance.

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