Jacob Relkin

iOS Software Engineer Consultant
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Ambitious, passionate, and pragmatic software engineer with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. I have been immersed in the iOS ecosystem since 2009. I find working in the field of software engineering to be exhilarating because there's always more to learn. As a result, a large chunk of my time is dedicated to learning and experimenting with new technologies.

I possess a wide range of experience across both front-end and back-end technology stacks, however I am currently focused on iOS, and am especially interested in working on the newer platforms such as Apple Watch and Apple TV.


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iOS Software Engineer Consultant


iOS Engineer

April 2014–Juni 2015

Square Register for iOS - UI tests and frameworks, CI and developer environment tooling, performance analysis/improvement.

iOS Engineer

August 2013–April 2014

Pins is an iOS app that harnesses your location to aggregate and exchange the places most important to you. I've worked on such features as authentication/login flow, background processing/offline mode/request throttling, Address Book aggregation/import, Core Data-based persistent storage architecture and overall application architecture/design.

Team was acquired by Square in April 2014.

iOS Engineering Lead

April 2013–April 2014

  • Built Breathometer v1.0 iOS app. Pitched by company CEO on ABC's Shark Tank. Went on to receive $1M in seed funding from 5 Sharks.
  • Collaborated with hardware engineers on BAC calculation & sensor recalibration algorithms, improving device accuracy & reliability.
  • Tasked with ownership of a variety of apps/scripts to support the rest of the engineering team, assembly line, and device calibration process.
  • Interfaced with offshore firmware engineers to debug and extend firmware library capabilities to support current & future products.

Lead iOS Software Engineer

November 2011–Dezember 2012

• Tech lead of a 4-person team driving forward the company's mobile offering.

• Spearheaded a rewrite of entire line of company’s apps; lead to 60% better App Store reviews over previous versions.

• Interface with technical/non-technical peers and upper management to communicate requirements, conventions, and platform limitations.

• Write code & unit/functional tests.

• Responsible for the core framework which supports all in-house and client apps - including ones for Stanford University, UCSF, UCSD, and Morehouse College.

Lead iOS Software Engineer

Juni 2011–September 2011

• Created a highly immersive custom iOS app which gave users the ability to send real monetary gifts to friends in their social graph (FB/Twitter) with just a tap and slide.

• Interfaced heavily with Giftiki's visual designer and CTO throughout the project.

• Worked with backend engineers on API design and consumption.

• The app was featured in Apple New & Noteworthy, while also grabbing an App of the Week award from a local television station.

iOS Software Engineer

Februar 2011–Juni 2011

• One of four engineers on the iOS Platform Team working on the enormously popular Titanium Mobile product.

• Contributed to Titanium Mobile’s Filesystem, Database, and Drillbit APIs.

• Other responsibilities included coordinating API and behavioral changes with other platform developers, interfacing with the large community of end developers, & working in a QA role when the need arose.

Software Engineer

Juni 2010–Januar 2011

Worked with Freeverse engineers to create the best games for the iPhone platform.

Worked on the Top Gun 2 game for iPhone, made considerable contributions to the overall gameplay, special effects, UI, background music/sound, and a lot of code optimizations.

Worked on the server-side team for a game called Fantastic Fish. Wrote game server logic, was responsible for the functionality of the backend CMS and server maintenance tasks such as cross-server database migrations, monitoring server logs, debugging live code, deploying to both staging and production server environments and a whole lot more.

Core API Developer

Mai 2010–Mai 2010

Wrote the server-side API for the official Janglo for iPhone client.

Curriculum Advisor & Student Mentor
Newton Academy

November 2009–März 2014

• Was the first student under the tutelage of the founder at Newton Academy, a new vocational school which teaches iOS programming. • Went on to become an instructor and curriculum advisor of the pilot program. • For my apprenticeship project, I built v1.0 of “Spring Cleaning”, a contact management utility for iOS. I authored the development plan, requirements document, and mockups that outlined the technical architecture, implementation plan, and interface of the app. • I currently provide curriculum advice and student guidance/tutoring.

Software Engineer, Web Applications
Fonerz LLC

April 2009–Juni 2009

Developed a web application for end users of the Fonerz VoIP services platform (which was powered by VoipSwitch) Coded all features, which included call history display and search, dial prefix configuration, rates display and search, bulk SMS message sender, a REST authentication API, and a dynamic domain-based database-driven theme system admin interface for white-labeling the application for different brands, changing images, CSS styles, and functional differences

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Computer Science
Jerusalem College of Technology


Computer Science
Essex County College


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GitHub, Mrz 2011 - Nov 2011; 2 Follower

A JavaScript implementation of Ruby's Range object

GitHub, Dez 2010 - Mai 2012; 6 Follower

object property watcher, jquery style.

GitHub, Mai 2011 - Okt 2013

A C implementation of an abstract doubly linked list (w/a Stack & Queue imp) ...........with blocks.

GitHub, Dez 2011

A wrapper for the iPhone's C-based AddressBook framework.

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Lead development of core architecture and high-priority feature set,

Spring Cleaning is the best way to organize your address book on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. It's also the perfect hiding place for a secret stash of contacts. Using Spring…

I wrote all of the code for this app.

Top Gun is back with more missions and more excitement! In this fast-paced air combat jet shooter, you must continue to make the world safe from encroaching Communist aggressors.…

I contributed to the gameplay, menus, sound and performance optimizations.

Explore, Collect, and Breed to attain your own fantastic undersea Kingdom!

I wrote the backend Content Management System that tied into the game server's database, which was spread across N shards.

Wrote a lot of the game server API that talked directly to the game.


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