Árpád Goretity

Derzeit Student Software developer at individual hobbyistund Co-editor at Szifon blog
Zuletzt bei Stack Overflow angesehen am 28. Dez. 2015


I'm Árpád Goretity (also known as H2CO3 on various platforms), a Hungarian BSc student. I took up programming in 3rd grade of elementary school (I was 9 at that time) and I started with BASIC on Windows and MS-DOS. Very soon I realized that it wasn't the ideal solution, so after learning the basics of programming, I decided to move on. I met Pascal; it was better but still not perfect. Some time later, I took up web development and I had learnt HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and PHP. I can use these languages in a rather sophisticated manner. After this period, I started to get nervous about the fact that web applications lack native apps' advantages. I didn't know much about Unices yet, but then two very important events happened.

In 2009, I got to highschool, when I met one of my best friends, Adam. He told me about Unices, C++ and so on. During the previous summer, I have also received my first smartphone, an iPhone 3G, which I've been using for two and a half years. I then spent my time with messing with my iPhone and after approximately one year of learning, searching and hacking, I finally managed to build an iOS toolchain on my Ubuntu box and started to learn C, Objective-C and C++. Later I managed to develop some iPhone apps and then I have learnt the MobileSubstrate API and got into tweaks. I started to publish on international and - thanks to my language knowledge - French blogs, websites and forums. I registered to Stackoverflow. I gradually became more and more known and made some bigger projects as well. I recently took up Linux development more seriously than before and continued learning ARM and x86/x64 assembly. I have hit the highest reputation level, "Trusted User" on StackOverflow on the 3rd of September, 2012. Since then, I'm actively contributing to Stack Overflow.

I have developed advanced iOS applications and I work on other products as well (recently I'm designing and implementing a small interpreted programming language for educational purposes. It's called Sparkling -- you can check it out on GitHub.). Unfortunately, I can't dedicate as much time to programming as I would like to due to school duties, but I hope this will get better over time.

I'm open to any new ideas to realize. I like to develop both free (in the opensource and non-paid sense of the word) and paid software. I prefer working with C, C++ and Objective-C, but I'm also willing to learn new languages, technologies, APIs and services if it's needed for completing a task.

Thank you for having read my résumé. I hope you found it interesting and sympathetic. Please feel free to contact me using any of my shown contact info.

Best regards,

Árpád Goretity


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Mobile Application Developer
EQL Soft Hungary

Juli 2012–August 2012

I was a mobile application developer for this company. I took up this job as a summer students' work and I've been doing this work for one month. You'll soon find some reference applications in the Hungarian AppStore (one of the company's main contractors is OTP, the greatest Bank and Savings Company in Hungary). I am mainly responsive for the implementation of UI and UX and thus I'm the main responsible for interacting and communicating with the designer of the enterprise.

Software developer
individual hobbyist


I've been developing iOS applications, tweaks and developer libraries since winter 2010. I primarily work on my own ideas and make them opensource. I've ased for two contract works so far (one of which was paid). I've made 30+ opensource tweaks/apps/libraries and 3 proprietary/paid for the time being. I've been always doing this as a hobby during school, but I finished all my projects I had ever begun.

Szifon blog

Dezember 2011–Aktuell

I have joined The Szifon Blog (szifon.com) in December 2011. Since then, I've been writing articles, mostly in the field of iOS tweak reviews and presenting my own iOS developments. I'm eventually asked to develop software related to the company. What is also among my duties is that I'm making article translations mostly from English but sometimes from French also, to Hungarian in order them to be available for the Hungarian iOS fan community).

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BSc in Molecular Bionics
Pázmány Péter Catholic University of Budapest


I've released the first version of my scripting language, Sparkling this year, while attending the first semester of the faculty.

ELTE Apáczai Csere János Secondary School, Budapest


5.0 (A-level in U. S. system) at all subjects last year. Winner of the Öveges József National Phisycs Competition in 8th grade. Successful intermediate-level English language exam in 10th grade.

Primary school
Ádám Jenő Primary School, Budapest


5.0 mark average (corresponds to A-level in U. S. education system) at all subjects in all of the six years I spent here.

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GitHub, Okt 2013 – Aktuell; 198 Follower; 22mal geforkt

A lightweight, extensible, C-style scripting language

I am the author and designer of this language, and I am also the main contributor of the reference implementation.

GitHub, Aug 2012 - Jun 2013; 114 Follower; 43mal geforkt

Drop-in download manager view controller for iOS

Developer and designer

GitHub, Nov 2011 - Jul 2014; 124 Follower; 34mal geforkt

iOS framework to make development of RSS reader apps easier.


GitHub, Feb 2012 - Apr 2012; 10 Follower; 2mal geforkt

Easy to use, lightweight and unified library for performing common microcontroller tasks


GitHub, Sep 2012; 25 Follower; 15mal geforkt

Damn simple iPod import support library

Developer, reverse engineer

GitHub, Aug 2011 - Nov 2011; 18 Follower; 3mal geforkt

iPhone framework to access the iPod library

Developer and porter of its backend library, libgpod

GitHub, Nov 2012; 12 Follower

Linen-backgrounded alert views and modernized notifications for iOS - concept created by Verge user Sentry


GitHub, Nov 2011 - Dez 2013; 6 Follower; 7mal geforkt

A not-so-strict, lightweight JSON parsing library


GitHub, Dez 2011; 5 Follower

Objective-C framework to support the XSPF playlist format.

Developer, original idea

GitHub, Nov 2011 - Dez 2012; 20 Follower; 6mal geforkt

Access the whole filesystem from sandboxed applications!


GitHub, Dez 2011; 12 Follower; 9mal geforkt

Objective-C client library for the Microsoft (R) Translator APIs


GitHub, Okt 2011 - Nov 2012; 2mal geforkt

Email songs/videos directly from iPod!


GitHub, Okt 2011

Delete music&videos right from iPod.app!


GitHub, Okt 2011; 5 Follower

Improved fork of MPOAuth

The original author (Karl Adam) is Karl Adam. I provided some fixes, patches and improvements (even a few new features) that makes this project easy to use/implement OAuth services ("drop-in" library).

GitHub, Aug 2011; 4 Follower; 2mal geforkt

API documentation and sample code for devs wanting to make MyFile plug-ins

I've developed MyFile, a free file manager for iPhone, which supports plug-ins. This is some documentation and sample code to getting started with them.

GitHub, Dez 2011; 3 Follower

Siri-like behaviour on old iOS devices using Dragon Dictation

Developer of the tweak. Idea and testing by @jailbr3k.

GitHub, Aug 2011 - Dez 2012; 9 Follower; 5mal geforkt

Opensource almost-clone implementation of YourTube and Gremlin


GitHub, Aug 2011 - Sep 2012; 2 Follower

Add to iPod button for VoiceMemos app


GitHub, Aug 2011; 11 Follower; 3mal geforkt

iPhone port of libgpod 0.8.2, now with corrected to run itdb postprocess commands properly.

I ported this library from Linux to iOS.

GitHub, Aug 2011; 14 Follower; 6mal geforkt

Convenience category for UIImage for manipulating it as in a simple image editor

I provided extensions, improvements and new features to this piece of code I found on the Internet.

GitHub, Aug 2011 - Mrz 2015; 23 Follower; 5mal geforkt

Add convenience MD5 methods to NSString class


GitHub, Jan 2012 - Feb 2012; 12 Follower; 4mal geforkt

Simple one-connection TCP server/client C functions (synchronous) and Objective-C class (asynchronous)


GitHub, Jan 2012; 21 Follower; 9mal geforkt

Free & opensource file manager for iOS, now again opensource

Developer, designer

GitHub, Jan 2012; 10 Follower; 3mal geforkt

File exchange for iOS devices made easy

developer, designer

GitHub, Mrz 2012

Inline translator for MobileSafari

developer, designer, reverse engineer

GitHub, Mrz 2012

Use blocks with unsupported old GCC versions


GitHub, Mrz 2012; 19 Follower; 5mal geforkt

Brian King's VocalKit for voice recognition for iOS devices - redesigned, stripped, better

Contributor, developer of additional parts

GitHub, Apr 2012 - Apr 2015; 98 Follower; 29mal geforkt

C library for speech recognition using the Google Speech API


GitHub, Mai 2012; 16 Follower

Enables Chrome's "x-webkit-speech" input attribute in MobileSafari

I've made this tweak in order to enable Chrome's `x-webkit-speech' attribute to be used with HTML elements is MobileSafari on iOS. I use my own speech recognition library, libsprec, for doing the actual speech recognition and use MobileSubstrate and some JavaScript injection to hook MobileSafari.

GitHub, Jun 2012; 4 Follower

Opensource iOS toolchain for 32 and 64 bit Linux -- build instructions

I have created this complete description and tutorial about building a quite recent version of the iOS (iPhone, iPad) toolchain for use with Linux -- the build instructions include getting the necessary tools, libraries and scripts and performing a complete build, installation and cleaning the environment on Ubuntu 10.04 with GCC 4.3. I'm currently using a toolchain built as per these instructions on my computer for iOS development.

GitHub, Mrz 2012 - Sep 2012; 6 Follower; 2mal geforkt

Object-oriented convenience wrapper around the procedural sqlite3 API


GitHub, Sep 2012; 3 Follower

"View page source" functionality for MobileSafari

Developer and original idea

27 weitere

Apps & Software () Alle anzeigen

Here are some of my Cydia (iOS) opensource applications and tweaks.

Developer/designer, sometimes reverse engineer

Automagically translate any application on your iOS device in real time!

Contributor of the project, developer of the core modules (however, original idea and some code is by Yaniv Danan).

PwnTube is a free and opensource implementation of YourTube. This tweak enables you to download YouTube videos right from your iPhone and add them directly to the iPod application.


SBSettings Toggle Private Browsing is a new jailbreak tweak that adds a toggle button for Private Browsing in SBSettings. Once downloaded and installed, one can toggle private mode of MobileSafari directly from SpringBoard (without having to navigate through all tabs of Settings app).


Siri-like automatized text dictation add-on for the AppStore app "Dragon Dictation".


Official application of the French Apple blog Jailbr3k.com.

Developer, author, idea

1 weiterer

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How to prepare and use the unofficial iOS toolchain on Linux


This article (written in Hungarian language) explains in detail (that is, gives a step-by-step tutorial) on the process of getting the opensource iPhone toolchain work on a Linux-based OS.

Safari Upload Enabler – fájlok feltöltése MobileSafariból | Szifon.com

iPhone iPad javítás, szerviz, oktatás - Szifon.com

Nemrég jelent meg a Cydiában egy igen hasznos tweak, amely egy régóta várt – az Apple által az iOS-be be nem épített – lehetőséget hoz el az

iOSOpenDev: Xcode keretrendszer cydiás fejlesztéshez | Szifon.com

iPhone iPad javítás, szerviz, oktatás - Szifon.com

Update #1: Az iOSOpenDev szoftverfejlesztő csomag néhány perce megjelenet! A vállalkozó kedvűek innen tölthetik le (amint azt már megszokhattuk,

BitBeam: az Angry Birdsöt játszó robot | Szifon.com

iPhone iPad javítás, szerviz, oktatás - Szifon.com

Jason Huggins, a Selenium webalkalmazás-tesztelő keretrendszer megalkotója nagy fába vágta a forrasztópákáját. Az internetböngészők

AirBlue, a várva-várt Bluetooth alkalmazás | Szifon.com

iPhone iPad javítás, szerviz, oktatás - Szifon.com

Ahogyan azt évekkel ezelőtt az iBluetooth, iBlueNova, és tavaly a Celeste kapcsán már örömmel tapasztalhattuk, a bluetoothos fájlmegosztás

Az Apple készletei és a kínai vámok megölik a viszonteladói piacot | Szifon.com

iPhone iPad javítás, szerviz, oktatás - Szifon.com

Úgy néz ki, az iOS-készülékek viszonteladói piaca kimúlófélben van. A helyzet egyszerű: a viszonteladók a termékindulás napján annyi terméket

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Introduction to Algorithms

Introduction to Algorithms

Thomas H. Cormen, Charles E. Leiserson, Ronald L. Rivest, Clifford Stein

Artikel & Blogs

Nem törhető fel pillanatok alatt az iPhone | Szifon.com

iPhone iPad javítás, szerviz, oktatás - Szifon.com

Március 27-én a Forbes tett közzé egy cikket, amelyben egy svéd biztonságtechnikai cég szoftverével akár 2 percbe sem telik feltörni egy iPhone

I usually don’t blog and seldom write reviews on...

How I recovered my stolen iPhone within 40 hours!

I usually don’t blog and seldom write reviews on stuff but iCaughtU Pro deserves this testimonial! The short story: My phone was stolen from me one Saturday night. I had…


Asus laptop with Ubuntu



I'm a Hungarian Apple and Unix enthusiast, mainly iOS, Linux and AVR microcontroller developer. I am also a BSc student in molecular bionics at Pázmány Péter Catholic University of Budapest. I mainly develop free and opensource iOS apps, tweaks and Unix libraries (be iOS or Linux), and want to make something really fantastic using my ATmega chip... I tend to work by contract and online, so feel free to contact me if you have an idea to realize. I have advanced-level English and intermediate-level French language skills (I have a level C1 English and a level B2 French language exam). My native language is Hungarian.