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Skills are irrelevant if it does not inspire other people. Accept the fact that there is always someone better than yourself and remember, you only live once.

What I want to achieve in life is to build on things that will last forever as long people are willing to share their interest that they believe would make the world a better place for future generations. Open source is a great way to achieve this goal for me.


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One of the greatest things while working there was that I met allot of interesting people. We had a monopoly of the IT infrastructure, meaning decisions in IT could only be made by a few individuals. After almost 5 years of struggling to push for a better work environment, it got to a point where management changed the rules where I could not agree anymore because it was so counter productive it had disadvantages for our costumers who did not have a choice but rely on us for there IT.

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This is a reminder that life is not always easy :) Had many jobs like this and I am only going to include this one. When your boss ask you to drive a company car that has expired insurance papers and start jelling at you, its time to go on a other adventure. The most important part I learned, it's not worth it to go beyond your physical limits especially sleep deprivation in combination of doing dangerous work will get you or others in the hospital very quickly.


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I was only good at specific tasks, unfortunately the goal I wanted to achieve was unavailable in the current Belgium education system. Documentation online is far more superior then any school can offer.

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GitHub, Mrz 2012 - Aug 2013; 2 Follower

Haskell web design.

By comparing web technologies that are currently available I made a project how I believe web applications should be build.

GitHub, Aug 2011

Implementation example on a node server.

Testing how well JavaScript scales on a server.

GitHub, Aug 2011

Implementation example on a python server.

One of my first designs was based on the imperative language Python3 which I prefer over a Ruby, Java, PHP, Perl, SAP or .NET framework.

GitHub, Jun 2013 - Okt 2014

Example of using facebook pages to set permissions for users.

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Learn You a Haskell for Great Good!: A Beginner's Guide

Learn You a Haskell for Great Good!

A Beginner's Guide

Miran Lipovaca

Very nice introduction, covering all the basics but it needs a better index so you can look things up more easily.

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