Primož Gabrijelčič

R&D Manager at FABund Writer at Monitor Magazineund Writer at Blaise Pascal Magazineund Blogger at freelanceund Program Manager at Smart Mobile Studio
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I'm a long-time Delphi programmer, writer for The Delphi Magazine, Monitor, and Blaise Pascal magazines and frequent contributor to the Delphi-SI community.

My Delphi-related ramblings are collected on the The Delphi Geek blog.


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Journalist and Sysadmin


Managed bunch of networked PCs and helped testing hardware and software for the magazine.

R&D Manager


Designed and developed internal scripting language used to automate tasks in our server product.

Designed and developed database product, used to store many small almost-textual object. Database supports full-text search.

Worked on various client and server applications for the Windows platform.

Wrote internal implementation of SOAP client and server.

Wrote server and client for manipulation of high-bitrate strems in real time.

The Delphi Magazine


Writing articles about Delphi programming language and Delphi development environment.

Full list of my articles is available at

Monitor Magazine


From 2005 onwards I'm writing various technology-related articles for leading Slovenian computer magazine Monitor. I'm also technical editor of that magazine.

Full list of my articles is available at

Blaise Pascal Magazine


Occasionally I write an article about some interesting aspects of Delphi programming for the Blaise Pascal Magazine.

Full list of my articles is available at



Blogging about Delphi at and about Smart Mobile Studio at

Program Manager
Smart Mobile Studio


Program manager for the Smart Mobile Studio project.

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GitHub, Apr 2015 – Aktuell; 68 Follower; 16mal geforkt

A simple and powerful multithreading library for Delphi

GitHub, Apr 2015 – Aktuell; 33 Follower; 6mal geforkt

A collection of my open sourced Delphi units

GitHub, Apr 2015 - Jul 2015; 22 Follower; 2mal geforkt

Simple runtime SQL query builder for Delphi


SynEdit is a syntax highlighting edit control, not based on the Windows common controls. SynEdit is compatible with both Delphi and Kylix (C++ Builder mostly works, but is unsupported).

Manager (long ago), then contributor, now dormant.

Google Code, ; 24 Follower

GpProfile is a powerful source code instrumenting profiler for all versions of Delphi (including Delphi XE)

contributor (and the creator of the original GpProfile profiler)

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FAB DVB Interface is a software package for PC that can be used to receive DVB Subtitles over TCP/IP from FAB Subtitler BCAST/XCD and converts and synchronizes them to a PCR present on ASI/IP input and transmits them on the ASI/IP output to a DVB multiplexer.

main developer

FAB Subtitle Database is a software package for PC which is used in connection with FAB Subtitler BCAST for storage of subtitle files, transmission playlist management and workflow organization for preparation of subtitle files.

main developer

Smart Mobile Studio is a RAD IDE to develop JavaScript based applications (HTML5, node.js etc.) in Object Pascal for nearly all major platforms.

project manager

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Parallel Programming with OmniThreadLibrary


This is a book about parallel programming with OmniThreadLibrary (, a multithreading library for Delphi.

Four Ways to Detect Vista

The Delphi Geek

Pop quiz. How do you detect Windows version? Simple, call the GetVersionEx API. And now for a bonus question. How do you detect Windows version without a doubt? Well, that's not so simple.

Fun with enumerators

The Delphi Geek

A collection of fix articles on using enumerators in Delphi.

A lock-free queue, finally!

The Delphi Geek

Design and implementation of a lock-free queue.

The Delphi Magazine

The Delphi Geek

Articles I have published in "The Delphi Magazine".

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Types and Programming Languages

Types and Programming Languages

Benjamin C. Pierce

Distributed Systems: Concepts and Design (International Computer Science Series)

Distributed Systems

Concepts and Design

George Coulouris, Jean Dollimore, Tim Kindberg

Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software

Design Patterns

Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software

Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson, John Vlissides

Secrets and Lies: Digital Security in a Networked World

Secrets and Lies

Digital Security in a Networked World

Bruce Schneier

Applied Cryptography: Protocols, Algorithms, and Source Code in C, Second Edition

Applied Cryptography

Protocols, Algorithms, and Source Code in C, Second Edition

Bruce Schneier

The Mythical Man-Month: Essays on Software Engineering, Anniversary Edition (2nd Edition)

The Mythical Man-Month

Essays on Software Engineering, Anniversary Edition

Frederick P. Brooks

Garbage Collection: Algorithms for Automatic Dynamic Memory Management

Garbage Collection

Algorithms for Automatic Dynamic Memory Management

Richard Jones, Rafael D Lins

Code Complete: A Practical Handbook of Software Construction

Code Complete

A Practical Handbook of Software Construction

Steve McConnell

TCP/IP Illustrated, Vol. 1: The Protocols (Addison-Wesley Professional Computing Series)

TCP/IP Illustrated, Vol. 1

The Protocols

W. Stevens

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Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Delphi IDE



Started on PDP-11, where I learned assembler, Fortran and Pascal. My first home computer was ZX Spectrum on which I wrote miles and miles ob Basic and assembler code and where I also tried some Pascal.

Then I switched to VAX/VMS (VMS Pascal, of course) and CP/M (in parallel) where I disovered Turbo Pascal 3. Managed a VAX/VMS system for few years and wrote large number of DCL utilities which helped me watch over the system.

Then moved to PCs where I (again) wrote in assembler and Pascal. Followed the DOS -> Windows NT upgrade path (managed to skip Windows 3.x/95 somehow) but stayed faithful to Pascal (first Turbo Pascal, then Borland Pascal, then Delphi).

In all that time I learned (at least a little of) C, C++, Cobol, Erlang, Haskell, Perl, Ruby, Python, but I am not fluent enough to do any coding in them. OK, maybe in Perl. I did write some stuff in Perl. And I can write pretty basic C#.