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Demian Brecht

Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Derzeit Senior Developer bei Popcapund Electronic Arts – Software Engineer II – UX Group bei Electronic Arts.


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Senior Developer, Popcap

April 2012 - Aktuell

Full stack, developing an unannounced social title targeting the Facebook platform. Areas of concentration include:

  • End to end pipeline solution Developing a CI solution for the game, to get from developer machine to EC2/S3.
  • Client and server side development based on production requests
  • Conducting candidate interviews
  • Evaluation and integration of third party packages in order to avoid rebuilding the wheel when it can be avoided

Electronic Arts – Software Engineer II – UX Group, Electronic Arts

November 2010 - Aktuell

Part of a team of senior engineers, artists and managers tasked with redefining UX (user experience) development across the EA Sports label, encompassing EA Canada (Burnaby, BC) and EA Tiburon (Orlando, Florida).

Tasks include:

  • Requirements Gathering
  • Writing feature and technical briefs for framework components
  • Peer code reviews
  • Cross-studio collaboration
  • Writing framework components in Actionscript and C++ (test-driven devlopment)
  • Code documentation

Electronic Arts – Software Engineer II, Electronic Arts

2008 - 2010

Senior engineer in a large (roughly 100) group of engineers and artists, focusing on development of UI/FE technology.

Tasks included:

  • Writing documentation for and training outsourcing partners on-site (China)
  • Mentoring junior engineers
  • Conducting in-studio technical interviews
  • Peer code reviews
  • Assisting with the development and implementation of the group’s technical road map
  • Firefighting: Providing next tier support for technical challenges encountered by the team’s engineering core
  • R&D for team tools and technology

Electronic Arts – Software Engineer II – Lead Engineer, Electronic Arts

2007 - 2008

SE lead of a group of roughly 25 engineers focusing on UI/FE tools and technology, delivering solutions for games targeting the Wii and PSP platforms.

Tasks included:

  • Develop technical road map for the team
  • Mentoring other team engineers, giving training when needed
  • Conducting phone and in-studio technical interviews
  • Providing solutions to technical problems encountered and unsolved by other team engineers
  • R&D for team tools and technology
  • Assist in resolving technical solution conflicts during a large team merge with another central team

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GitHub, Feb 2012 - Jan 2014; 121 Follower; 30mal geforkt

A simple, easy-to-use OAuth2 client implementation.



GitHub, Jul 2012 - Jan 2014; 14 Follower; 4mal geforkt

A Django front end for the sanction OAuth2 client library.



GitHub, Jan 2013; 2 Follower

wip pelican theme


GitHub, Mai 2013 - Mrz 2014; 8 Follower; 2mal geforkt

A Flask extension for Facebook canvas-based applications


GitHub, Nov 2013

An implementation of the Facebook test user API


GitHub, Apr 2014 – Aktuell; 13 Follower; 5mal geforkt

Python implementation of the Javascript Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE) framework (

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