Jason Daly

Lead Developer bei Label Interactive
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Lead Developer for a digital interactive agency with more than a decade of experience in full stack web-oriented software engineering. Most passionate about PHP. Fascinated by emerging web technologies.

I am equally versed in PHP, Ruby, Javascript, CSS, and HTML, knowledgable about many other languages and technologies, and have considerable sysadmin experience with RedHat/CentOS.

I frequently answer questions on StackOverflow, currently focusing on the ruby and ruby-on-rails tags.

I am perpetually eager to learn and love solving hard problems through code.

Jason Daly


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Lead Developer | Label Interactive

November 2013–Aktuell


  • I make the visions marketing agencies have for their big-brand customers come to life.
  • I build large-scale purpose built applications for direct clients.

Development Manager/Web Developer | PowerIT

April 2008–November 2013

I was responsible for the management of 3 application servers and 1 database server, all development efforts by the company, and management of a small overseas team of developers.

Products were developed in PHP, with multiple utilities for maintaining, building, and testing written in Ruby and Javascript.

I managed over 60 instances of the company's products serving K-12 school districts ranging in size from 20 to 2,000 staff members. Services I was responsible for include

  • A content management system for school districts with individual websites for all staff members. Uses Drupal at it's core with over 80 custom modules
  • Email services including offsite redundant email archiving
  • An evaluation/observation management application, enabling school districts to manage the annual teacher evaluation process securely online from their desktop or tablet. Built with Laravel 4 and PHP5.5, running on Amazon Web Services

Web Developer/Support Manager | PowerIT

Mai 2007–April 2008

Lead Developer for a leading national public school CMS provider.

  • Instituted first formal task management policies and practices for development team
  • Implemented first formal version control and code maintenance practices for this company. We started off using SVN and have migrated to Git in recent years
  • Received and resolved all code-related support requests
  • Improved CRM and support system for client and leads management


B.S. Computer Science | University of Connecticut, Storrs


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GitHub, Nov 2014 - Okt 2015; 34 Follower; 4mal geforkt

Simple Authorization via PHP Classes

GitHub, Okt 2014 - Okt 2015; 8 Follower

Simple service objects for PHP

GitHub, Nov 2014 – Aktuell; 7 Follower

Object-oriented presentation logic.

GitHub, Apr 2015 - Okt 2015; 3 Follower; 2mal geforkt

Transform raw input data into consistent, immutable data transfer objects.

GitHub, Aug 2015 – Aktuell; 2 Follower

A small class factory.

GitHub, Aug 2015 - Okt 2015

LAMP CentOS 7 Ansible provisioning with Vagrant support

GitHub, Jun 2012 - Feb 2015

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I marched euphonium with 10 time world champion, The Cadets drum corps in 2003 and 2004.