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Enter A New World
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  • Gegründet 2013

Join The Virtual Reality Revolution

Join our team and be at the forefront of the current wave of virtual reality innovation. Be part of a cutting edge technology that will change our world and disrupt the way we game, exercise, travel, work, meet, and live.

Transport Your Mind And Body To A Virtual World

The Virtuix Omni™ is the first virtual reality interface for moving freely and naturally in your favorite game.

We are in the midst of a revolution in virtual reality. The release of exciting new devices such as the Oculus Rift and Razer Hydra has brought the decades-old dream of true virtual reality closer than ever, but there’s still one more piece to the puzzle: the Virtuix Omni.

The Omni takes virtual reality to the next level— allowing anyone to stand up and traverse virtual worlds with the natural use of their own feet. Moving naturally in virtual reality creates an unprecedented sense of immersion that cannot be experienced sitting down.

The Omni will free gamers from passive, seated gameplay, unleashing the full potential of virtual reality gaming with the Oculus Rift and future head mounted displays. Gaming on a keyboard, mouse or gamepad while seated pales in comparison to the intense experience and fun that comes from actually walking, running, and jumping in games.

Applications of natural movement in virtual reality stretch far beyond gaming: training and simulation, fitness and exercising, virtual tourism, virtual tradeshows and events, meet-ups and multi-person adventures, virtual workplaces, museums, VR architecture, VR concerts… The possibilities are limitless. Virtual reality is here.

Help Us Write Our SDK

We are looking for a passionate senior software developer to join our team and help write the Omni SDK and integration with Unity and UDK. 

  • Development of the Omni SDK that provides game developers with analogue motion input (walking direction, walking speed, jump, foot position)
  • Development of software application providing natural motion support for games that do not natively support the Omni
  • Liaison for game developers creating Omni games using the Omni SDK
  • Integration with Unity and UDK

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Competitive Salary

Equity in Virtuix

Health insurance

401(k) with matching


2221 W. Dallas St. #430, Houston, TX 77019