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Deploy your best stuff yet

We're not going to sugarcoat it. Recruiting for us takes time. We recruit highly talented people who can release things before it's perfect, but where done is nonetheless something we can all be extremely proud of. Eagerly awaiting feedback from our community of entrepreneurs who sell online using Tictail.

You'll have significant impact on the product, our stack and how we do things. Our Friday demos at the office is always a moment when we get to applaud great work done throughout the week and get excited about upcoming features that are simply gorgeous.

A buddy from day one

We're not the kind of company that is going to grow the numbers of employees at an insane rate. We care about our friendly culture and want to improve it continuously.

That's why everyone who starts at Tictail will get a buddy from day one. Someone who has worked at Tictail for a long time and whom - for six months at least - will show you the ropes, make sure you feel at home and work on exciting projects with you.

We make sure we enjoy getting in to the office to work together towards our ambitious goal of becoming the world's most used and loved e-commerce platform.

Our tech stack

We're all about building beautiful products backed by amazing technology. Like most startups we started out with a monolithic application, but are nowadays rocking more of a service-oriented architecture. Constantly, launching new services using the right tools for the job.

In September 2013 we launched our public API & SDK to allow third-party developers to build apps for our Tictail App Store; extending the possibilities and features of the Tictail platform for our stores. Thereby, allowing us to separate everything in the Tictail dashboard to individual apps. Slimming down on our code-base, separating concerns and experiment with new apps that are enjoyable to develop using our SDK.

Check out our video about the Tictail API & SDK here.

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Pick your gear

Personal trainer each week

25 days of paid vacation

A monthly budget to buy products from Tictail stores

Big impact

Lots of events, dinners and other fun activities with your co-workers

Flexible work schedules

Unlimited sick days


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