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Build communities with awesome people

You’ve benefited from the incredible communities that comprise Stack Overflow, Server Fault, Stack Overflow Careers, and the Stack Exchange sites. Wouldn’t it be amazing to contribute to the platform itself?

As the company behind the largest technical community on the Internet, we've been able to attract some of the top developers, sysadmins, and designers in the world.  Learn from them, and teach us what you know.

Work in a space that's built for your success

The best environment a developer, sysadmin or designer could hope for: private offices, catered lunches, standing desks, comfy chairs.  Our founder has a few opinions about this sort of thing.  

We want to hire the best people wherever they are in the world. If you're able to relocate to our office in New York, you'll enjoy a brand new office with amazing amenities. If not, we'll pay for all your equipment (including desk, monitors, and chair).

Our tech stack

Our primary stack is .NET, but we're not religious about Microsoft technologies. We use C# and ASP.NET MVC on the server, SQL Server as our main datastore, Redis for caching and Elasticsearch for full text. On the front end, we use jQuery and a bit of AngularJS.

We believe in giving back to the community, and have open sourced as many reusable parts of our infrastructure as we can. Since we're so obsessive about performance, many of those have to do with perf, including Dapper, MiniProfiler, and Booksleeve.

Wir bieten attraktive Leistungen.

20+ days vacationFlexible work schedulesRidiculous health insurance (no copay)Insanely great workstations, chairs, and desksYearly stipend for conferencesGym membership reimbursementFree lunch from our in-house chefsTuition reimbursementUnlimited sick days and fully paid parental leaveEmployees will never be poked with a sharp stick

Mit wem Sie zusammenarbeiten

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