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We make software that measures how good websites are, and how to make them better.

This sounds simple, but it masks a tonne of interesting problems that we solve every day. How does a computer determine what is ‘good’? How do we keep up with the constantly changing nature of the Internet? How do we test millions of pages globally every day as efficiently as possible?

No-one knows. So we're constantly exploring the unknown, which is pretty damn awesome.

About us

  • We’re growing like a startup, but we’re profitable and self funded. You’ll have huge opportunities to grow alongside us.
  • Absolutely no corporate bullshit. We have that written on our wall.
  • Our founder has been coding since he was 8, so you won’t have to explain your work to a pointy haired boss who couldn’t use a mouse.

What tech?

We code predominately in PHP (Symfony) and Javascript (jQuery / NodeJS). Our architecture is built on Linux, running on Amazon Web Services. We make extensive use of AWS including S3, SQS, DynamoDB, SDB and ElastiCache, plus non-AWS technologies like MySQL, MongoDB, NodeJS and CasperJS. 

Wir bieten attraktive Leistungen.

Aeron chairsFlexible hoursYour choice of gym membershipUnlimited mineral water, espresso coffee and other beveragesDual displaysDesks big enough to sleep onConstant training and personal development opportunities20 days holiday + 8 bank holidays + 1 extra per yearPick your own OS & toolsNo pointy haired bosses


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