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The cornerstone of fashion, beauty, and shopping for a new generation.
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Refinery29 isn’t just about fashion – it’s a lens for millions of women, everyday, to discover their best personal style and feel as good as they look. Through award-winning original programming, Refinery29 connects a fast-growing audience of users with content, commerce, and community, giving them all the tips, tricks, and tools they need to live a more beautiful life – and share it with the world.

Tech at R29

The Refinery29 tech team strongly subscribes to the idea that development is member of the product team. Our platform currently runs on PHP, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, Solr, Node.js, ElasticSearch, and much much more.

  • Our sprints of fast-paced product creation are punctuated by team lunches, DnD games, LAN parties, and speakeasy happy hours.
  • We support independent-minded engineers who aren’t afraid to pitch new product ideas, but also survive on the motto “there’s no ‘i’ in team.” (hold the cheese).
  • We subscribe to the agile/lean methodology of many small iterations (one week sprints), tight feedback/learning loops, and weekly demo days.
  • We believe it’s more important to get to work than talk about work.
  • We strongly believe in the DevOps principles, continuous deployment, and completely trusting our developers. Developers push code on their first day.
  • We make sure not to take ourselves too seriously.

A CMS like no other

We’re Refinery29 a fashion content and commerce site, that as a nerd, you probably haven’t heard of (you should be ashamed of yourself). That doesn’t mean we’re not nerdy either. As we’re in the process of hiring more developers, and this means talking about how we work more often than I normally do. Since I have it fresh in my mind, I figured others may find it interesting to learn what kind of tools we use as well as what we do on a regular basis.


Working at R29 means working on a brand new platform, everything is new, nothing legacy to deal with. We have tight release schedules, while at the same time our traffic doubles every couple of months. The development team is very product focused (we don’t have a product team, we’re it), so we both design and implement most everything on the sites.

Each developer has their own VM with running the complete application stack. We use Pivotal Tracker to keep track of tasks/iterations and Git as our code repository. Code deployment is completely automated and can be done in a single command.

  • PHP (5.3) - Combined with Kohana, an ORM and Dwoo makes a great application platform.
  • MySQL - All InnoDB, it’s fast, not much else to say about this.
  • MongoDB - Our real time stats system is based on Mongo, we push about 400 inserts/updates a second with no problem.
  • Redis - We use mainly for caching data sets that are called very often (like the category tree structure), but only for longer lasting data (sessions) and our Events system uses Redis’s pub/sub features
  • Solr - The entire content site is essentially a bunch of Solr queries. No need to do a complex join on the front end to get the most recent posts.
  • Gearman - Worker queues take care of any process that does not need to be run in-process. We’re actually moving to Beanstalkd soon though (because of the tubes and delays).
  • Node.js - Node.js allows us to create network/socket applications very easily, and best of all they can handle thousands of concurrent connections without batting an eye.
  • Git - Git, it keeps our code safe and keeps us happy with each other. (We use Gitosis to configure/manage our multiple code repos)

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Caribbean Hackathons

Bi-monthly Happy Hours

Maxed Out Apple Hardware

A Ton of Company Events

Summer Fridays

Flexible Spending Account

Generous Conference and Training Budget

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