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A platform for micro-giving everywhere.
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What we're up to...

GoodLabs is building a platform to embed personalized micro-donations into all points of sale, in-store and online. Our vision is to create a 360° loop of giving that allows donors to seamlessly track giving history while boosting loyalty for brands.

Our first product, Charity Checkout, enables retailers of all sizes to offer their customers a round-up or add $1 donation, just like what you’ve seen at big box stores.

In 2012, $358MM+ was donated through checkout campaigns at only 61 large chains that could afford these initiatives. GoodLabs unlocks programs for stores and charities of all sizes.

Most importantly, Charity Checkout unleashes a huge giving stream for leading non-profits. As we scale we hope to promote our charity partners to new, global audiences and to shift the world’s relationship with charitable giving.


We are live on Shopify and on Clover (First Data), and we're are growing nicely alongside their 100,000+ merchants and $1.6 trillion in annual processing volume, respectively. 

We just signed our first quick service restaurant chain (600 stores) and are in advanced discussions with other leaders in retail, payments and e-commerce.

We are also partnered with many of the largest and most respected charities in the world.  They are very excited by the potential that GoodLabs is unlocking.

Our Stack

We’re working with the latest technologies across multiple platforms on web and mobile, serving stores, customers, and nonprofits with a variety of products. We’re building a massive system that pulls in absurd amounts of data — donations, purchasing habits, sales trends, non-profit activity, etc. — and we need jacks-of-all-trades to tie it all together.

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