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Ericsson LM Ireland

At Ericsson Ireland, we use innovation to empower people, business and society.
  • Enterprise Software, Software Development, Telecommunications
  • 10,000+ Angestellte
  • Public
  • Gegründet 1876

What does your future look like?

We are on the brink of the Networked Society - a technology revolution that will change the world for good through instant global connections and expanded freedom and opportunity.

At Ericsson, you’ll help shape this new reality by delivering communication solutions to customers in 180+ countries. Discover your own success as you turn your ideas into the achievements that shape our future.

Come empower people, business and society and discover what makes YOU + ERICSSON a powerful combination.

Read our job openings at our website and if you believe you fit in any of them, please apply:

A connected world is just the beginning.

Ericsson is the world’s leading provider of technology and services to telecom operators. Ericsson is advancing its vision of being the “prime driver in an all-communicating world” through innovation, technology, and sustainable business solutions.

We now stand on the brink of fundamental innovation opportunities across industries, public services and in private life. We are moving from the information society to the Networked Society, where the primary concern is not having access to information, but what benefit you get out of it.

It took 100 years to connect 1 billion places and 25 years to connect 5 billion people. The next step is connecting things. Ericsson envisions 50 billion connected devices as a starting point for new ways of innovating, collaborating, and socializing. The result will be simplified processes, higher productivity, real-time information allowing quicker, more informed decision-making or problem solving when relevant, and monitoring.
The Networked Society changes the logic of how society works. It is our job to take the lead in enabling this, and we are shaping our decisions around that. The ICT industry can help address our world’s major concerns in climate change, health care, education, and more.

• You find us in 180 countries
• We are more than 100,000 employees
• We have more than 30,000 patents
• 40% of mobile calls are made through our systems
• More than 2 billion people globally use our network

Currently hiring for the following:

Director of Engineering:

Senior JEE Developer/Architect:

Mobile Network Management Systems Analyst:

Software Architect:

Big Data Architect:

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Cornamaddy, Athlone, Co. Westmeath
Beech Hill, Clonskeagh, Dublin, Ireland