Charles Capps

IT Manager
Silicon Mechanics
  • Eugene, OR, United States
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DevOps? DevOps? I was doing DevOps before that name was even thought of. I've been building and maintaining web applications and their underlying infrastructure for over a decade.

I've worked...

  • ... on the front-end and the back-end.
  • ... on internal software and products designed for commercial distribution.
  • ... on software used by one person and on software used by millions of people all over the world.
  • ... on a complex Enterprise Resource Planning suite and on simple 15 LOC chat rooms.
  • ... on every problem from helping a user print a document to rolling out an enterprise SAN.
  • ... alone, as part of a team and as the leader of a team.

While I've now transitioned mostly to IT from development, I'm still a coder at heart. Creating tools to make life easier remains a major passion of mine.


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IT Manager
Silicon Mechanics

September 2011–Aktuell

Managed all aspects of the corporate IT infrastructure. Played every role on the IT team, including project manager, network engineer, systems administrator and helpdesk.

  • Rebuilt the IT team from scratch, replacing an outsourced group.
  • Audited, maintained and created existing infrastructure documentation through the corporate wiki.
  • Leveraged existing assets to maintain and expand working systems.
  • Retired aging hardware through virtualization.
  • Worked with every department to identify and resolve languishing IT issues.
  • Reviewed, revised, created and enforced IT policy when needed.
  • Managed vendor relationships and purchasing decisions.

Projects of note:

  • An automated system to perform firmware updates and burn-in tests against server hardware, with automatic status reporting to our ERP system.
  • Rolled out multiple SANs using both commercial enterprise-grade and open-source products and methodologies.

Lead Developer
Silicon Mechanics

2008–September 2011

Lead the development team responsible for maintaining and expanding the company's home grown ERP/CRM/CMS/e-commerce platform.

  • Guided the team through major corporate changes.
  • Championed refactoring and partial rewrites of business-critical code to enable ease of future maintenance.
  • Planned the next-generation customer-facing product configurator project, from initial daydreaming through requirements gathering and paper mockups.
  • Lead development efforts to ensure that new code would follow modern industry best practice while still keeping true to the spirit and style of the existing project.
  • Coordinated closely with IT team to expand and manage available resources in a more effective manner.

PHP Developer
Silicon Mechanics

Oktober 2006–2008

Worked with the rest of the development team responsible for maintaining and expanding the company's home grown ERP/CRM/CMS/e-commerce platform.

  • Worked directly with end-users to gather requirements, write specifications and implement features and reports.
  • Contributed to formalizing a previously ad-hoc code review and QC process.
  • Engaged in progressive refactoring of procedural PHP4 code into object-leveraging PHP5 code.
  • Lead the team developing the world's first online configurator for high-performance computing clusters.

Perl Developer
Infopop Corporation (now known as Social Strata)


Main developer on the grandfather of the modern linear forum, the Ultimate Bulletin Board. The UBB used plain vanilla Perl and simple flat file data storage to create a powerful, effective forum with the best back-end control panel in the business.

  • Coded to specifications, both formal and informal.
  • Coordinated the external beta testing team.
  • Wrote and edited end-user documentation.
  • Acted as "tier two" technical support, interacting directly with customers.


Unix Administration (University of California, Santa Cruz Extension Certification)


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