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Cédric Julien

Besancon, Franche-Comte, France

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Derzeit Sofware Architect bei Parkeon.


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Sofware Architect, Parkeon

März 2005 - Aktuell

In charge of the design of the software architecture for the new generation of parking vending machine.

Accomplishments :

  • Complete design of the application using OOP principles
  • Responsible of the “one click delivery” process of the application
  • In charge of the continuous integration system (Jenkins) and the automated test system
  • Linux Kernel modifications to match very low consumption requirements
  • Agile methodologies used
  • Deeply involved in the linux distribution creation

Software Developper, Sogeti HT

Oktober 2004 - März 2005

Development of an graphical display board for classical parking vending machine on a PXA255 board using a Python/Pygame GUI powered by a BuildRoot/Linux system.

Accomplishments :

  • Development of a GUI application in Python/Pygame
  • Adaptation of the PXA255 BSP for the client board (modifications in U-Boot, drivers in the Linux Kernel, BuildRoot adaptation).

Software Engineer, Celsius

September 2000 - März 2004

In charge of development of an automatic programming software designed to make applications that helped users to optimize their supply chain management.

Game developper, Kalisto

September 1999 - März 2000

Development of 4 Wheel Thunder, a Dreamcast 3D racing game, edited by Midway.


DEA (Master), Université de Bourgogne

1998 - 1999

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