Cédric Julien

Sofware Architect
  • Besancon, Franche-Comte, France
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Sofware Architect

März 2005–Aktuell

In charge of the design of the software architecture for the new generation of parking vending machine.

Accomplishments :

  • Complete design of the application using OOP principles
  • Responsible of the “one click delivery” process of the application
  • In charge of the continuous integration system (Jenkins) and the automated test system
  • Linux Kernel modifications to match very low consumption requirements
  • Agile methodologies used
  • Deeply involved in the linux distribution creation

Software Developper
Sogeti HT

Oktober 2004–März 2005

Development of an graphical display board for classical parking vending machine on a PXA255 board using a Python/Pygame GUI powered by a BuildRoot/Linux system.

Accomplishments :

  • Development of a GUI application in Python/Pygame
  • Adaptation of the PXA255 BSP for the client board (modifications in U-Boot, drivers in the Linux Kernel, BuildRoot adaptation).

Software Engineer

September 2000–März 2004

In charge of development of an automatic programming software designed to make applications that helped users to optimize their supply chain management.

Game developper

September 1999–März 2000

Development of 4 Wheel Thunder, a Dreamcast 3D racing game, edited by Midway.


DEA (Master)
Université de Bourgogne


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